Words of Wisdom


Be a person with a voice and never mess with someone else's life. Stop judging and ridicule.

If you have nothing nice to say,

don’t say anything at all.

The key is to always reflect on yourself and grow yourself to be a better person. 


knowledge is treasure and wisdom are gold 



art is what you make others see and feel and not everyone will see and feel the same,

that is the beauty and uniqueness of art  


There are people who are real, fake, and some are really good at being fake.

Time and situations will reveal people who they really are and not who they pretend to be. 
Know how and when to speak.

Know who to speak to.

Know what to write and not to write.

What actions hurt and do not.

Walk the talk, do not just talk. 
We simply learn who is there for us when we need them,

who does not talk behind our backs when we are not with them,

and who protects us when things are not as they seem. 

Authentic people are simply hard to come by.

Keep them close if you have 1 or 2 in your life.

That is more than enough.

Appreciate those who mean something to you even when sometimes no one understands it. 

Listen to people carefully because what you might have heard is a one-sided story. 
Respectfully understanding what others are going through and feeling another pain as our own is the essence of humanity.

We are all gifted with life. 
Be more in tune with what matters most in life rather than temporary things, feelings, and everything that swayed you from living a meaningful life. 
We all will be gone one day in life.

In the end, all that truly matters is what we leave behind that benefited others, family and loved ones, and your kindness and deeds that affect others' lives positively.

Nothing else matters. 
We always do our best in everything but always know our priorities. 

It does not get easier; you just get stronger.

Believe in yourself 

Life is like the ocean.

Sometimes calm and rough, up and down.

Just keep swimming and go through the waves.

You may find your island paradise


a soft heart in a hard world is a strong heart 


stay young, wild, bold & lovely

always give yourself the best love and care 

♡ Luv Sofie

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