Justice for Palestine


How can the world leaders be united and stop Israel war crimes against Palestine? We must urgently call for a ceasefire in Palestine.  

As part of the world citizen, it is our responsibility to share the truth and fight for what is right. What is happening to Palestinians is a crime against humanity.  


Israel has killed more than 2500+ Palestinians, including more than 1000 children. Israel tried to cause an international outrage by spreading the news of 40 Israel babies were slaughtered, but there was no proof because it was AI generated. Their believers failed to see thousands of Palestinians babies and children that have been killed by Israeli airstrikes and brutally murdered.  


Palestinians' families have lost everything. Their homeland, house, family, and children. Israel has given an evacuation order for 1.1 million Palestinians that only left in North Gaza and there is no way for them to evacuate and there is no safe place to go anymore.  


All food, water, and electricity has been cut. There’s only less than 24 hours of food, water, and fuel left. How can the Palestinians have survived?  


Stop the brutality, violence, massacres, genocide. Shame on you Israel to bite the hand that once fed you. This crime has been ongoing every day for decades. This needs to stop once and for all.  

The world needs to help what we can and end this crime. Please be educated on the real history of Israel-Palestine conflict and spread the right awareness.  


May our united voices be heard to end this war and our prayers will help our fellow brothers and sisters keep strong in Palestine.  


We stand for peace, international law, humanity rights, and justice for the people of #Palestine 



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