Soft and Kind Heart in A Cruel World


Here I am writing again. And so it begins.

Having a soft heart, being soft spoken and soft person in nature is challenging in this hardened and cruel world.

Some people easily take advantage, bully, push around, and treat soft hearted people foolishly.

Why can’t people be nice and kind hearted? Why can’t people focus on living their best life rather than tearing other people's lives because of hatred, jealousy, or because their life is just so bad? Why can’t people truly support people?

It takes courage and a strong will to stay delicate and kind in this manic world. Don’t write and say nothing at all if you are trying to be mean. Don’t unleash your frustration and madness on people when you are sad or mad.

Everyone is trying to build, survive, and live a life. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. We all have something unique in us and flaws. We all have some wins and problems in life.

We just have to be more mindful of our inner selves, our environments, and others. If we don’t, how can we even sustain humanity?

Living in this world is not about making humans but being human. If we can’t be considerate human beings with a conscience, why do we exist?

We can see that day by day the real world out there is actually getting weaker. Life is not just about making money, living, and dying, it’s more than that.

Sometimes animals that are truly cared for life and behave better than some humans.

If we all can be better humans, not by seeing who we are on the outside, what we wear, which religion and culture are we, our status, social status, positions, ranks, and all, the world would be a better place to live in.

Being soft hearted is a blessing and a curse at the same time in these days. But hey, continue being you. In the end, good will attract good. May you have good and real people around you, even if they are a few, those are the real gems.

For soft hearted people, be you, but everything has a limit, know it, say no, decline, and leave if needed.

For bullies and cruel people, others may be forgiving hence why you still doing what you’re doing. Just remember, your words and actions speaks and reflect more about you than others, so be nice.

Life is short anyway.

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