The True Meaning of Eid-al-Adha


Eid-al-Adha is about giving up something you hold dear in devotion to God, it’s not about shedding blood to please God.

In life, we will go through many instances where we need to sacrifice and this act of sacrifice varied from love, time, money, blood, and even life.

In life, we are reminded to be more thoughtful, generous, charitable, and willing to share with each other.

Sacrifice holds a deeper meaning and significance, rather than animal sacrifice, especially these days when there are various ways and means to help the poor and needy.

Festivals and rituals are not exclusive to one religion as there are other religions and cultures that do the same and for different purposes.

It is still fresh in my mind the day I saw a cow slaughtered in front of me when I pass by a mosque during Eid-Adha when I was a kid. Since then, I always questioned the ritual.

Today I accidentally saw the same but more horrific scenes during a man’s TikTok live when he shared and showed several cows were slaughtered.

There’s also this viral video of a kid crying badly when the cow that was 5 years together with him ended up being slaughtered. It was heartbreaking.

I do understand the background, purpose, and reasons for the day, but for me, I appreciate the purpose and reasons, but I choose a different act of sacrificing during this day, not animal sacrifices.

There are better choices and results, hence I choose those, for example, giving food and other means to the poor and needy.

Other than that, appreciate the day's significance, be more thankful, honouring the relationship with my loved ones and the good friendship I have.

Every year, the demand for animal sacrifices gets higher and supply needs to be increased due to the demand. Everything becomes more than it should.

Just like these days, overfishing, industrialised meat, and even overpopulation. Things are getting out of control and it’s affecting mother nature.

I am far from being a non-meat eater, vegan or vegetarian, but I really appreciate this way of living and trying slowly to cut meat as much as I can.

Long way to go, but if we all start somewhere, it is something for every living being and helps this weakened planet we called Earth.
As controversial and complicated as this topic is to some, it is something worth thinking about.

It’s good to act in what is better for the long run, for the good of various parties, not just us or the human being, but other creatures and mother nature too.

Continue to celebrate and appreciate Eid-Adha, perhaps with a deeper outlook.

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