I Sukka U ❤


I Sukka U🧑 Instant love with the scents when we tried all the Sukka (sook-kah) perfumes!😍
My current favourite ready to go Sukka perfume is the Social Butterfly

We also got to experience more amazing scents at their beautiful shop in Publika @publika_gallery. Thank you Alia for your kind sharing and the experienceπŸ™Œ

Get ourselves the Sukka discovery set that comprises 7 delightful and uplifting fragrances. Interested to try their other unique perfumes at the shop after this! 🀩

All Sukka scents are extrait de parfums which has the highest concentration of fragrance compounds where it provides the longest and strongest projection compared to Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum.

I’ve sprayed their perfume last night and suprisingly it last even after I sleep and took my morning bath❤️

Why Sukka perfumes for me
🧑High quality extrait de parfums that capture the soulfulness of artisinal perfumery
🧑Toxin free fragrances, methanol free and use the highest, safest grade alcohol made from sugarcane as solubilizer
🧑Ready-To-Go Perfumes for On-The-Go Spritzing. The bottles are travel friendly and handy for spritzing on the go
🧑Ultra Fine Mist Nozzle that offer the best spritzs and sprays. No more messy streams of liquid

I love to smell good, who doesn’t right. Just love a good scent. I scents something special between us @sukkaperfumes🧑❤️‍πŸ”₯

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