Open Call for TUKANG - Selangor Craftmanship Festival 2022


Express Your Creativity in the Innovation of Local Crafts Now!

The Official Tourism Promotion Agency of Selangor State, Tourism Selangor is inviting artists, craft makers, designers or organisation representatives to take part in TUKANG – Selangor Craftmanship Festival 2022. It is time to get your creative ideas materialised towards bringing new innovative ideas in the production of local crafts and art products.

TUKANG is described as an expert in producing works of art which double as symbols of the nation's identity. This Project run by the Industrial Development department at Tourism Selangor aims to give recognition to skilled craftsmen who have contributed significantly in the development of heritage craft arts. Their ability to produce such harmonious and interestingly-blended designs echo the finesse of carpentry.

The curator for TUKANG – Selangor Craftmanship Festival 2022, Suzy Sulaiman hopes this innovation Project will strengthen the relationship between modern and traditional designers to elevate the crafts which are given a new and exciting twist.

While, Manager of Industrial Development department of Tourism Selangor, Chua Yee Ling believes, Selangor has all the arts and culture talents, so she hopes TUKANG – Selangor Craftmanship Festival will be able to connect local artists, and create Selangor's brand by using aesthetic arts.

Shall you need enlightenment on how to write apply for Selangor’s TUKANG’s Open Call and come up with the proposal; Tourism Selangor is here to guide you. Register for a FREE workshop, available at two slots; 9 May 2002 and 2 June 2022, at 8.00 pm – 10.00pm.

The call for entries starts on May 12th, while the submission deadline is on 12 June 2022. Submit your proposal through this link: . Each successful applicant will receive RM10,000 for the production of the artwork or product. To top it off, applicants will have the opportunity to exhibit their crafts at “TUKANG - Selangor Craftmanship Festival 2022”, and their products or artworks will be promoted on Tourism Selangor’s website, social media channels and databases.


Programme & Timeline:

12 May 2022

Call for Entries

19 May & 2 June


(2 sessions)

Online Workshop: “How to write artist applications for TUKANG Selangor Open Calls”

12 June 2022

Deadline Submission

Mid of June

Second interview for shortlisted applicants (Face to face)

End of June

Announcement of successful applicants

July – September

Execution & Production

28 September

Submission of artwork/product


Delivery date/ Artwork/product installation on “TUKANG-Selangor Craftsmanship Festival 2022” venue.


Final and budget report submission 


Wait no further as time is ticking. For more information on the Open Call, rules and regulations, kindly log on to Tourism Selangor’s official website; You may also email to, or get in touch with Tourism Selangor’s officer; Ms Ng Yik Thim at 6011-6366 8098. Let your ideas flow and convert them into an interesting and eye-catching proposal pitch now!

Open Call for TUKANG starts 12 May 2022, while the submission deadline is 12 June 2022.

Click or scan the QR Code to get more info.

Workshop for TUKANG submission is offered in two sessions. Register now at or scan the QR code.

Manager of Department Industrial Development Tourism Selangor,Chua Yee 

About Curator Suzy Sulaiman

Suzy Sulaiman, Curator of TUKANG – Selangor Craftmanship Festival 2022.
Her previous art installation for Nippon Paint x Urbanscapes :Trend Beyond Colours 2020/21

Suzy’s Hand Woven Art Installation at River Lights Melaka 2022

Suzy Sulaiman is an educator, researcher and lecturer who has been involved in various projects which focused on community-engagement through education, architecture and digital technology. In 2008, she partnered with Arts-Ed (Penang) and produced a guide on Penang's shophouse architecture within the UNESCO's world heritage site zone. In the past, she has collaborated with institutions and non-government organizations like University Sains Malaysia and National Visual Art Gallery. Suzy was also the co-producer for Digital Art + Culture Festival (DA+C) and Japan Foundation Asia Centre Fellow in 2015. Suzy curated ‘Merata Suara: Voices of the Marginalized’ for Projek Dialog supported by the Australian High Commision and joined “Namamahay” artist-in-residency project curated by Dayang Yroala for Balles Artes Project in Bataan, The Philippines. Her sound art installation “Jungle of Nusa” was selected as a General Prize winner for YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019 in Tokyo, Japan in early 2020. Now, she is based in Shah Alam and a lecturer at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Mulmtimedia University.

About Tourism Selangor

Tourism Selangor is Selangor’s Official Tourism Promotion Agency established to increase the number of local and international by enhancing and developing the known as well as the undiscovered beauty of the State. Many initiatives are taken to achieve this such as organizing local and international campaigns, events, overseas tourism trade missions, local roadshows and many more.


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