It's All About The Journey

It’s all about the journey, what we have learned, and experienced, of becoming who we are, the best version of ourselves. 

Always do and give the best you can, honour the people who cared and supported you along the way and live the life you want.

Practice compassion, treasure kindness and have a heart of love. 

Have compassion and empathy for all beings, each has their struggles and suffering we know nothing about. 

We rise by lifting and supporting each other.


Become a force for good in the world. Blaze the trail

Sigma rule 999

Respect yourself and always know your worth

Run your own life 

Stay in your lane

Come check this

Check on yourself

Check in with those people you love and care

At times be curious

It’s the fuel for discovering, exploring, inquiring, and learning new things

Be less curious about people

Be more curious about ideas and knowledge

Envision. Explore. Evolve


You can do anything but not everything, at least not at the same time. 

Prioritise and focus on what is really important. 

Timing in life is everything. 

Do what matters to you at your own timeline.

Always be grateful for the simple pleasures and moments in life as that may be the best time of our life.

Focus on finding your inner peace and healing your soul.



Some things can’t really be explained, love is one of them


Like a river

I love you forever

Live what you love and love what you live for

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