Progress not Perfection


Strive for progress and keep learning

Fill your days with gratitude. Make each day your masterpiece and make every moment count

Be kind to people, be it strangers, people you know, and what’s more your family. Be kind, even sometimes it can be hard to be kind to people that wronged you. If people are bad to you it’s on them, not you. Be kind, but not weak. Kindness comes back to you. Take care of others, and take care of yourself too

You don’t have to figure it all out. It’s OKAY to not have all the answers (we learn from one another and continue to learn forever), make mistakes (mistakes and experience are the best teacher, learn from these, and improve), feeling lost (look back at your goals, purpose, and passion), and have bad days (there’s no sunshine without a little rain)

Move forward, discover, and build yourself and your life at your own pace

Let go of the idea of what life should be or what society tells you how life should be. Accept where you are right now and push yourself towards the person you want to become

Life can be over before we know it. Enjoy and appreciate every moment of it

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