Beautiful, Healthy Hair and Scalp at Organico Haircare


My first scalp treatment and my hair never felt better! 

Watch my interesting and wonderful experience @Organico Haircare Review

Thank you Organico Haircare KL for the great hairspa treatment - Organico Haircare Petaling Jaya


The highlight of this treatment is my hair is so smooth, silky, and most importantly better overall scalp health!


Once I arrived, the scalp specialist scanned my scalp hair condition and customised a natural scalp treatment using all organic ingredients. I can see the difference before and after treatment from their scans.


The ambiance of the place is wonderful and private too, especially in the VIP room. Good service by Izah. Major love for Fify the cat that makes my treatment more meaningful and vibrant! He is super loving, and adorable, feel want to bring him home and be a lil bro to Lucky, they’re quite similar!


Why the need for scalp and hair treatment? Our era is no longer like our parents' and grandparents' era. The extreme weather and temperature, our diet, lifestyle, and what products we use in our daily lives, for example shampoo, conditioner, mask, and hair tonic affects our scalp and hair health. It is important to use organic and right products in keeping our scalp and hair healthy.


Why not try the FREE Scalp Scanning + Consultation at Organico! Contact them and book an appointment for a treatment. Promo is also available now!

  • 010 888 7696 ( Kota Kinabalu)
  • 011 2880 8188 (PJ SS2, Kuala Lumpur)


VIP room available! Hijabi friendly too, and privacy is fully protected.


Organico Haircare Specialities

  • Infused nutrients into Scalp
  • Control Oiliness of Scalp
  • Treat Dandruff, Sensitive & Itchy Scalp
  • Treat Bald Patch Viral Infection, Alopecia
  • Treat #PostpartumHair Loss
  • Promote #HealthyHair Growth
  • Delay the growth of #GreyHair
  • Cover Grey Hair & new growth darkens
  • Improve hair condition, thickening the hair & leaving it shining and manageable
  • #ScalpDetox especially after chemical straightening & curling
  • Treat congested scalp, dry irritated itchy flaky scalp


It’s time to understand our scalp and care for our scalp and hair better 

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