Our Planet


There are so many endangered species in our planet, about 41,451 species on the IUCN Red List.

Panda is vulnerable towards extinction due to habitat loss and poaching. There are only 1800 pandas left in the wild.

Sadly, humans are the biggest threat to all animals and wild animals. Humans are the worst predators of all, keep on taking and reaping everything that is possible, and most, not even ours to begin with.

90% of all large ocean hunters has disappeared. All marines life is changing and beyond recognition. Our ecosystem is collapsing.

I highly recommend you to watch Our Planet all 8 episodes on Netflix to understand better and to care more and deeply about our planet Earth, animals, wildlife, living creatures, mother nature, and climate change.

Our Planet documentary is awe-inspiring and thought provoking, a must watch for us and every child to appreciate nature and understand the current terrifying realities.

Please continue to educate ourselves and the children around us. Spread awareness, educate, volunteer, conserve, reduce, reuse, recycle, plant trees, move towards plant based lifestyle, and choose sustainable.

Have a to do list for our Planet, and start working on it one by one. Check out www.ourplanet.com to see what we can do now to protect our planet.

For our planet. We all, every single of us, owe this. The future is in our hands.

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