I Survived Bullying, So Can You

Today I’m speaking up.

I grew up being bullied, since I was 7 years old, and at times, until today I still get bullied occasionally.

As a child, I’m very shy and quite an introvert. As I grow up, I started to talk more, join activities, events and discover the extrovert side of me.

I became an ambivert and started to come out from my shell. But still, my soft, quiet, being too kind side of me tend to get me into trouble.

These people who bullied me said bad things about my physical, intelligence, personality, and family.

Some even go to the extent of creating stories about me and talking behind my back. Some even take it up a notch to be aggressive and violent.

I learned a lot all these years being bullied and how these toxic people tried to attack my confidence, self-esteem, and worth.

Bullying is NEVER OKAY. Those who repeatedly hurt you physically or mentally, trying to bring you down, verbally harass, sexually harass, manipulate, intimidate, insult, jealous, rude, cruel, and cyberbullying are the bullies that you need to avoid and take action if required.

I am friendly and I can be friends with anyone, but I learned that I have to choose who I let in my life. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to close circle in your life.

Bullies are emotionally immature, lack of character, are insecure and miserable about themselves and their life. They try to project that onto you so they feel good about themselves. They try to control and dominate you. They are the predators.

When you are faced with a bully, don’t let a bully make you feel bad. Take appropriate actions to stop bullying. Report repeated, severe bullying. As someone who gets bullied, I will also stand up and take positive actions if someone I know is being bullied.

Coping skills are also crucial to identify our feelings and have open communication with the people we trust, support and help, and guide us through.

Please understand that bullying doesn’t only happen in schools or to children. It happens to grown-ups, people like me and you, in family, friends, offices, businesses, organisations, and now the social network platforms.

A healthy and good mind and person doesn’t speak ill of others and try to blow out someone’s candle just to make yours shine brighter. Being mean is a sign of weakness.

Always watch our words and actions. It can either save a life or otherwise.

If you are a bully and you know you are, please find professional help. Be a buddy, not a bully.

If you are being bullied, it’s time to stand up for yourself, speak up and take positive actions. Remember, you are worthy ♡

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