Embrace Your Inner Child

It’s very nice to work on some colourful art and crafts, feed my artsy soul and inner child

You are never too old nor too late to do things that make your soul happy.

Never let age extinguish the inner child in you. Honour your inner child in simple pleasures, always in awe and love the most ordinary things, embrace imagination, creativity, mystery, and the love of learning.

Adulting and adulthood are challenging, with more responsibilities and expectations. Yet with those responsibilities come opportunities we never had before.

Just remember that you are not alone when you feel life can be really hard sometimes (or even most of the time) as adulthood are not easy. It happened to the very best of us.

There will be days, period, and life stages that is hard and brutal, and there will be a time that life is great and better. Life is not perfect, it has its own drawbacks and tradeoffs.

Life involves lots of unlearning and relearning, so never stop learning. It’s important at times to take a step back, have some time for reflections, think about life and how we can move forward and do better.

Almost all of us have challenges in our lives. Reach out if you need support and someone to talk to, and remember your inner child is ageless. At times, be carefree and nurture your creativity.

Always be grateful for life. You are never too old and too late to start something new, start over, do the things you love, pursue your dreams, accomplish your goals, change for the better, and live the life that you want. Go for it! 👊

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