Best Food Selection in Selayang


“Pusing Selangor Dulu” and Enjoy Tasty Dishes

On Your Food-hunt to Selayang!


Of course, there are various interesting attractions to visit in the State of Selangor. You can see for yourself the uniqueness of the State, including its gastronomic element influenced by various cultures and traditions. Thus, the State of Selangor has become a tourist destination that highlights culinary talent, giving visitors a gastronomic experience that they will never forget!

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1. Breakfast at Nasi Lemak Ujang Corner


Nasi Lemak Ujang Corner is a popular breakfast place among the locals, serving a variety of dishes including beef rendang, beef curry, chicken curry and fried chicken. The delicious nasi lemak menu is also popular among the locals and even visitors from outside of Selangor. 

Address Jalan 2/16, Dataran Templer, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.



2. Lunch at Restaurant Kari Kepala Ikan SG


If you are looking for a location to have your lunch in Selayang, you can stop by at Restaurant Kari Kepala Ikan SG. There is a wide variety of food to choose from and the meal options are also displayed at the counter to ease your order process. No one can resist the inviting aromas of fish head curry, pandan chicken, mango kerabu, as well as other menu of your choice. In addition, the restaurant also features a visitor-friendly atmosphere. 

Address : 10-12, Jalan SG 1/8, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.




3. Teatime at The Rack Boutique Cafe


If you want a worthwhile meal, The Rack Boutique Cafe is a must-try option for your afternoon tea. It not only offers a variety of dishes, you can also order the shell-out menu, western cuisine and desserts. In addition, the dulang or served-on-tray menu is also well-loved, as it is definitely worth it! 

Address : 1, Jalan Os 1/4, One Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.


4. Dinner at Golek-Golek Suasana Kampung


The restaurant offers Malay, Chinese and Western menu. Among the most popular are grilled fish with petai sambal, tiger prawn milk curry, smoked catfish, and squid, lala, crab, and clam menu; with grilled fish being the highly sought-after. They have many satisfied customers over the years for its cuisine, service and convenient atmosphere.

Address : Lot 2074, Lingkaran Tengah 2, KM10, Gombak, 68100 Selangor.



5. Supper at Daily Burger


Daily Burger operates until 3:00 a.m., so if you want to grab a meal late at night, they have some interesting options, such as the OG Burgers, which are served with additional ingredients like pineapple slices, which produce an interesting flavour. Aside from a selection of chicken and beef burgers, there are several patty options such as venison, rabbit, and lamb.

      Address 3, Jalan SG 1/11, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.


Apart from the places listed above, the State of Selangor has many more interesting restaurants and eateries that you need to explore, especially in 2022. The State of Selangor is a major tourist destination in Malaysia, therefore, when talking about food selection in the State, it does not only satisfy your appetite, but also fulfill your "Pusing Selangor Dulu!" journey which is certainly exciting. Hence, why not start with Selayang?

To maintain the well-being of the public, tourists are reminded to adhere to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the Malaysian National Security Council in complying with the National Recovery Plan, such as ensuring social distancing, wearing face mask at all times in public, and frequent use of the hand sanitizer.


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