Anything is possible, your scars and wounds are your stories

We all have scars and wounds, physically, emotionally and mentally. We have pasts and sacrifices. Some with traumas and broken souls. And oh we have mistakes, struggles and failures.

Despite all the pain and crashes, we tried and tried to be better, and we didn’t give up. Though at times, things may be on the edge, we still push through and here we are, standing strong, piecing our life together.

Some may hold our hands through the pain. Hold on to those who held our hands. Some may leave us drained. Let go of toxic relationships in your life. Sometimes we may need to hold our own hand. Appreciate that we are our biggest supporter and we will be with ourselves till the end.

Self love is so important, if we don’t love ourselves, who can love us better and how can we love others even more?

There are things that we can still change but they are things that we simply can’t change because it happened and out of our control. There are things that we need to learn and let go and focus on the present and just be presence.

For the past, take it as lessons and learn from it. For the future, plan what you can and focus on what you can and within your control, understand your limitations and priorities.

Most importantly, always cherish your presence. You are here because you survived all the challenges and there will be more obstacles in life. If you have gone through dark storms and come out of it stronger, believe that you can overcome any hurdles love.

Your scars and wounds are your stories and it will always be yours. Those are the battles that you have been through and remember you are strong for coming out of it, every single time.

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