Vanlova Clothing - Fashion that Protects the Environment

The new clothing brand - Vanlova Clothing is a fashion brand that is created by Abrohz to be fashionable while protecting the environment.

Abrohz has launched this new fashion brand with the mission to raise funds for serious environmental issues.

In 2016, Abrohz from Rwanda, was watching the news that the environment is being seriously affected by both plastic containers and bottles that are thrown.

There was a sad episode in Abrohz life that triggered him to help clean the environment to save the continent that suffered many pollutants and was polluted with plastics. He decided to make clothes made from plastic fiber where the plastics are being turned into fiber to make clothes.

Sentore Abdoullatif bin Abrohz and his father is agribusiness owners who suffered a lot with plastic wasted bottles and that inspired Abrohz the idea of creating clothes from plastic fibers.

Abrohs said "when I was young, I grew up with a beautiful family, my mom was a tailor and she made clothes, and my dad was into agribusiness. Many times, some of the crops were being destroyed by plastics and wittered before they mature or they grow in bad shape and I witnessed how plastic materials kill plants. I decided to make a change by creating clothes that use eco-friendly materials and turning plastic materials into clothing".

A lover of fashion and a father of three, Abrohz wanted to do something that could provide a long-term financial donation and that is where the idea of a fashion brand with a conscience came in.

He set to work to design and source a new clothing brand with the mission to give back and Vanlova Clothing was born.

“After a while, I realized that I hadn’t dealt with my grief and was diagnosed with health anxiety".

“Vanlova clothing was put on the countryside, but after a couple of years break, I have decided it is now time to relaunch abroad and the brand to fulfill the promise made to myself to protect the environment”.

The brand is originally launched with men and women range as unisex.

Abrohz added: “I wanted to create a fashion brand with a conscience, but it was important that the clothing be of high quality and be a brand that people want to wear, a brand that spread love to plants and loves to everything surrounding us".

If you love fashion and at the same time you want to protect the environment, check out more about Vanlova Clothing at


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