Introducing the All New Nando’s Soy PERi-PERi Flavour!


Introducing the All New Nando’s Soy PERi-PERi Flavour!

Nando’s Malaysia brings the first Asian-Inspired PERi-PERi flavour to Malaysia
for an Oh- Soy- delicious meal #MadeWithFeeling.

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 December 2021 - Ayam masak kicap, mee goreng mamak, Tau Yew Bak…..these classic Malaysian dishes from different cultures share an ingredient that is a staple in all Malaysian kitchens - Soy sauce. Deeply inspired by the humble condiment that is loved by all nationwide, Nando’s celebrates the fusion of Malaysian and South African PERi-PERi flavours with the all new Soy PERi-PERi! This is Nando’s first ever Asian-inspired PERi-PERi flavour, made with feeling for Malaysians.


Nando’s has always been an innovative brand, putting unique flavours on the grill and yet still infused with the signature PERi-PERi taste. Returning the love it has received from Malaysians since 1998, Nando’s combines their iconic PERi-PERi sauce with Malaysia’s very own favourite condiment: the kicap! The dark aromatic sauce has a prominent spot in all traditional Malaysian cooking, in recipes passed down from generation to generation, similar to PERi-PERi in South African cuisine. Linking the similarities between both culture’s, Nando’s released a promotional video depicting how they make their food with feeling, and with so much flavour! Watch the video here:


While Nando’s have previously released unique flavours in the past like Mango & Lime PERi-PERi, and even a special Coconut Saucy Bowl, this is the first-ever PERi-PERi  flavour formulated with Malaysians favorite sauce in mind. Nando’s new Soy PERi-PERi is a delicious blend of the zesty PERi-PERi Sauce with the familiar taste of Malaysia’s Soy Sauce. With the spice kept at a mild level, Nando’s wants to ensure everyone can enjoy the new yet familiar flavour, just like our grandmother’s cooking. With the tagline #MadeWithFeeling, Nando’s delivers deliciousness and nostalgia all on a bite of chicken grilled with love and care. Pro Tip! Enjoy the new flavour to the fullest with the chicken liver dish on Nando’s snacks & shareable menu, where the ‘kicap’ flavour really shines through with every bite.


“Nando’s have always been well-loved by Malaysians, with over 70 stores serving flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken throughout Malaysia to date. The idea of crafting a PERi-PERi  flavour specially for the Malaysian palate has always been on our minds, so when the chance arrived, the team put their all into it to serve a PERi-PERi dish that is something different than usual, and yet very familiar. With Malaysia getting back up on its feet, we felt that it was the perfect time to cheer up Malaysians with something made just for them, the Soy PERi-PERi!” said Mac Chung Lynn, Group CEO, Nando’s Malaysia and Singapore.


With the launch of the exclusive new flavour, Nando’s is also offering attractive meal deals to be enjoyed by Malaysians for a limited time! A family of 4 can enjoy a meal for less than RM24 per person.



Nando’s Soy PERi-PERi Party Platter for 4

Enjoy a party platter with your friends and family at less than RM24 per person when you dine in at any Nando’s outlet! The Party Platter includes:

       1x Whole Chicken

       1x Sweet Potato Chips with PERinaise

       4x Reg Sides

       4x Bottomless Soft drink


Price: RM95 (RM23.75 per pax)



Nando’s Soy PERi-PERi Tapau Platter for 4

Not feeling like dining in? Taupau Platter is perfect for you! Pick it up from one of our branches, or order the Family Platter on any of our delivery partners. All non-dine-in promotional platters include:

       1x Whole Chicken

       4x Portuguese Nata

       4x Reg Sides

       4x Drinks


Price: RM99 (RM24.75 per pax)


“Chicken15” Promo Code for 15% Off 

Get 15% off when you takeaway or pre-order a Whole Chicken via online by using the promocode “Chicken15”.

Promo Code: Chicken15

Price: RM44.97 (Normal Price RM52.90)


Nando’s Soy PERi-PERi flavor is now available in Nando’s outlets nationwide for a limited time from 6 December 2021 to 27 February 2022. For more information, kindly visit or follow Nando’s Malaysia Facebook page at



About Nando’s

The story of Nando’s began in a small Johannesburg suburb in South Africa in 1987, with all the passion for Portuguese-inspired flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. In 1998, Nando’s opened its first restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and has been grilling Malaysian’s taste buds ever since. Now Malaysia is home to 73 Nando’s restaurants across various states, best known for its legendary and delicious flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken. In this New Normal, Nando’s can be enjoyed via takeaway, delivery and we ensure that only fully vaccinated customers can dine in a safe and hygienic environment whilst surrounded with warmth, hospitality, fun and a meal to remember!


Served in their signature heat levels- Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot & Extra Hot - on, or off the bone, in a wrap, burger or pitta, and served with a delicious selection of sides, salads, appetisers and sharing platters, Nando’s offers great variety, and mouth-watering recipes to please all food palettes. You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice!


Whether you go for a quick bite, a family party, a fun night out with friends, or a comfortable night in, it won’t be just your taste buds that are invigorated. For further information visit our website:





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