Dealing with Negative & Toxic People

When people talk bad and treat others badly, they are projecting their negative behaviour, insensitivity and cruelty because they have something wrong with them. It's a reflection of their unhappiness, insecurity and inadequacy in their life.

Dealing with negative and toxic people is common in our lives, it can be our friends, colleagues, family members and random people or strangers who come to you when they need something or trying to get to know you.

If a person behaving negatively, disrespectful, disregard feelings, ignore boundaries and continue to talk and treat you in a harmful or hateful way, let these people go. Some people are evil, hateful, spiteful, sneaky and try to use people for their benefit.

Some people stand up to bad behaviour and choose to do nothing about it. Some people behaviours are one of the reasons which may constitute why animals are far better than humans.

For me, I may be nice and I treat people to the best I could. But if you continue to disrespect, use, rude, manipulative, envious, vengeful, cynical, bully, fake and all the negativity and cruel behaviour, I will not tolerate it. There are no rooms or vacancies for these people in my life.

I'm not naive, I know things, I know what I want and I only respect people who are total genuine with me. If you need help, do it properly. If you want to talk or ask things, do it nicely. Never assume. People's life is not your business. Always think then say and act accordingly. Behave appropriately. Be mindful. Change for the better.

If you are behaving negatively because you were once destroyed, stop destroying other people just because you want them to feel the same. Change your behaviour, be more matured, find wisdom and peace.

To those people who have handled many people in their walks of life, they are people who are willing to change and they are people who refuse and don't want to change for betterment. Truth be told, you can't change everybody. You can't expect everyone to be kind.

Time is limited. If we are still breathing, we still can fix what's wrong and improve our behaviour and quality of life.

Have some respect for yourself to become a better person.

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