Explore Sabak Bernam, Selangor in a Day!

Sabak Bernam District; there is so much to explore in this north-west District of Selangor. There are 3 main towns namely; Sungai Besar, Sekinchan and Sabak Bernam. The community of Sabak Bernam consists of Javanese Malays, Banjar and Malay-Bugis descent. This District is rightly famous for its lush paddy fields, alongside being home to unique tourism attractions. Hence, include these destinations listed below in your one-day itinerary to Sabak Bernam after Movement Control Order (MCO) ends! – #ImagineNowExperienceSoon!

8:00 a.m. – Breakfast at Kuala Kurau Restaurant, Sungai Besar

9:00 a.m. – Learn about paddy processing at Paddy Gallery, Sekinchan

11:00 a.m. – Visit Sabak Bernam District Museum

12:00 p.m. – Stop by Ah Ma House, Sekinchan

1:00 p.m. – Lunch at Lembah Bernam Restaurant, Sekinchan

3.30 p.m. – Visit Mango Orchards, Sungai Limau

4.30 p.m. – Treat yourself at Coconut Farms, Sekinchan

5:30 p.m. – Stroll around Redang Beach, Sekinchan

7.00 p.m. – Dinner at Mee Udang BNO Restaurant, Sabak Bernam


1)       Breakfast at Kuala Kurau Restaurant, Sungai Besar

Looking for the best spot to have breakfast? Worry-less as if you are coming to Sabak Bernam, there are plenty of choices for you.  Enjoy your morning by having breakfast at one of the unique restaurants here; Kuala Kurau Restaurant, Sungai Besar which has features various stalls under one roof. It is a popular spot among local residents as it offers a broad menu selection such as Char Kuey Teow, Curry Mee, Prawn Fritter and many more! Be sure to try their Prawn Fritter as it is the most popular dish at this restaurant!

Credit: Kuala Kurau Restaurant, Sungai Besar by Restoran Kuala Kurau @ FB


2)       Learn about paddy processing at Paddy Gallery, Sekinchan

Loving the paddy fields in Sekinchan? Learn more about paddy processing by visiting one of the attractions in Sekinchan; Paddy Gallery. It is the only paddy processing factory that welcomes tourists for a visit. It is a great idea to stop by here as there is also a mini museum showcasing antique rice planting machines and up-to-date paddy processing techniques. Furthermore, do not forget to try out their freshly cooked and delicious Rice Cake. It is really tasty and crispy!

Credit: Paddy Gallery, Sekinchan by Huislaw.com


3)       Visit Sabak Bernam District Museum

There is still a lot to learn about Sabak Bernam, so do not miss out on the opportunity to stop by and learn the agriculture and fishery history at Sabak Bernam District Museum. You may find unique sculptures, infographics, replicas and traditional equipment used in agriculture especially focusing on paddy processing here. A visit to this museum will be interesting, and on top of that; the admission is free!


4)       Stop by Ah Ma House, Sekinchan

When you are done with learning about the history of Sabak Bernam, continue your journey to Ah Ma House, which is one of the most talked-about destinations in Sabak Bernam. Ah Ma House is a shop that features a traditional concept with a display of vintage furniture such as old telephones, televisions and rattan chairs. These will let you reminisce about the good old days. In addition, purchase their very popular “Kuih Kapit” here as it is freshly made and delicious!

Credit: Ah Ma House, Sekinchan by thesmartlocalmy @ IG


5)       Lunch at Lembah Bernam Restaurant, Sekinchan

Yes, it is exciting to watch the beauty of lush paddy fields and your stomach is probably hungry now! When it is lunch time, head over to the popular Lembah Bernam Restaurant which offers unique and exotic menu options. You may choose either deer, porcupine and venison, among other common types of meat which are mostly-cooked in Javanese cooking style, making the restaurant a perfect lunch stop-over destination.

Credit: Lembah Bernam Restaurant by minatravel @ IG


6)       Visit Mango Orchards, Sungai Limau

It is a great location to visit if you a hardcore fan of mangoes! Mango Orchards is situated in Sungai Limau, approximately 6 kilometres away from Sungai Besar Town. It is run by the locals and mangoes of various sizes are planted here which can also be purchased freshly-picked. It produces really sweet and tasty mangoes so do not miss the chance to have a taste right away and purchase some to bring home!

Credit: Mango Orchards, Sungai Limau by denai.my


7)       Treat yourself at Coconut Farms, Sekinchan

It is located about 15-minutes’ drive from Sekinchan Town, which is an ideal location to have a short break and enjoy fresh coconut water! Not only that, have a taste of their Coconut Shake and Coconut Pudding. What an ideal thing to do as you relax under a coconut tree enjoying your cold coconut drink; it is the best thing ever! There are also surrounding coconut farms which give rise to photography opportunities and are perfect “OOTD” spots.

Credit: Sekinchan Coconut Farm by visit-sekinchan.com


8)       Stroll around Redang Beach, Sekinchan

You are seriously missing out if you do not stop by at Redang Beach to enjoy the scenery and the sea breeze. Redang Beach is situated not far from Sekinchan Town on which you will also get to see big trees with plenty of hung red ribbons which are known as “Sekinchan Wishing Trees”. There are also nearby stalls for you to have some nice meals or even snacks along the way!

Credit: Pantai Redang, Sekinchan by visit-sekinchan.com


9)       Dinner at Mee Bandung BNO Restaurant, Sabak Bernam

The best way to end your one-day trip in Sabak Bernam is to dine at Mee Bandung BNO Restaurant. It offers the best Mee Bandung in town especially the selection with prawns. After a tiring yet fun walk along the Redang Beach, be sure to come to this restaurant to try their Mee Bandung which is rich in flavours. The price is very affordable and you may even want to order your second bowl!

Credit: Mee Udang BNO Restaurant, Sabak Bernam by Nadiah Johari @ Blogger


May these interesting destinations listed above be useful to you when you are planning your one-day trip to Sabak Bernam. Do not miss out on the chance to witness the uniqueness and the beauty of this District. You will definitely be amazed by the scenery, especially the lush paddy fields. Bring along your family and friends after MCO ends and start planning from now; #ImagineNowExperienceSoon.

It is to be reminded; we have to be disciplined in complying with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) set by the National Security Council. We should ensure social distancing, wear face masks at all times, apply hand sanitizers regularly as well as check in to premises in the State of Selangor by using the mobile application “SElangkah: Langkah Masuk Dengan Selamat”.


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