Inculcate the Meaningful Purpose of Ramadan in Our Daily Lives


Although Ramadan is coming to an end, let's continue to practice what we have built and learned during this beautiful month for the remaining months to come.

Ramadan is meant for us to learn how to abstain from food and drink, anger, learn patience and self-control, break bad habits, become more compassionate to those in need, be more charitable, and a chance to be more spiritual.

It is when we learn and practice more to build our character and purify our soul, heart, mind, and body. Let's take this meaningful purpose of Ramadan and carry the lessons and practice throughout our life.

In these trying times around the world, let's pray and hope that our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world are safe from harm. May the cruelty end especially in Palestine.

Let's be more humane. Be more humane to all humans and all animals. 💖

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