Stronger & Beautiful Hair with Himalaya Malaysia

Strong hair is as important as a strong body and mind. Since I'm active daily, I must give the best hair care to minimise hair problems and ensure I have strong, natural and beautiful hair.🙆‍♀️

Himalaya Malaysia @himalayashampoo just relaunch their NEW Natural Protein 5 Shampoo and one of them is the Anti-Hair Fall range. Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall range helps to nourish, smoothen and reduces hair damage. 

I find the complete set makes my hair more nourished and stronger, less breakage and hair fall. The shampoo makes my hair smells good too. 🥰

👩Hair Care Steps with Himalaya Malaysia

💖Pre Wash - Anti Hair Fall Oil 

Apply oil on the scalp & massage the scalp gently. Leave for 1 hour before washing

💕Helps to stimulate hair growth, prevents hair fall and hair thinning and relieves dry and itchy scalp

💖Cleanse - Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Use daily 

💕Provide root nourishment, improve hair texture, strengthen weakened hair fall due to breakage, helps nourish & smoothen hair, reduces hair damage

💖Leave on treatment - Anti Hair Fall Cream 

Use daily after hair wash. Massage gently on the scalp & hair, leave it overnight

💕Reduce hair fall, strengthen hair follicles & promotes hair growth, provides hair conditioning and daily nourishment 

Himalaya new Natural Protein 5 Shampoo is available in 6 variant:

💚Anti-Dandruff Soothing & Moisturising: Suitable to help fight dandruff and soothes the scalp

💚Anti-Dandruff Gentle Clean: Suitable for hair with dandruff flakes

💚Softness & Shine Daily Care: Suitable for full and dry hair

💚Smooth & Silky: Suitable for rough and frizzy hair

💚Repair & Generate: Suitable for lifeless and damaged hair

💚Anti-Hair Fall: Suitable for weak and hair fall-prone hair

All these shampoos have winning formulations and the formulations are designed to provide good foaming, cleansing, and conditioning of the hair. They are free from preservatives like MIT, CMIT and Parabens. This shampoo uses exotic herbs with Natural Protein 5 for hair structure replenishment. 

Himalaya Protein 5 Shampoo is available for purchase at Himalaya Boutique, and major drugstores like Watson and Guardian.

Stronger & beautiful hair with Himalaya Malaysia!


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