When Dream turns Reality


When we were young, we all had ambitions, dreams, and passion. When we grow up, these visions stay with us or changed over time or it grew even bigger.

As for me, I knew my passion is writing since I was 13 and my dream is to write my own books so I can help more people through my writings. I successfully published a book this year and had grown my website and personal branding.

It took me 17 years to fulfill my ultimate dream which is writing. It didn't happen overnight or in a short period of time. The journey was interesting yet challenging and full of obstacles. I believe if we want something so hard, we need to get ready and get it, no matter how tough it is.

I also received burning questions from fellow writers and aspiring young talents who would also like to publish their book and how can they do it.

My key feedbacks are always read, write, observe and experience. Find your own niche, use your own voice. Understand what's your purpose, why do you write and what do you want your readers to achieve.

If you are serious about writing professionally or want to publish a book, start now. Don't wait. Don't compare yourself to other people's journey. And never give up. There's a lot more for sure, feel free to email me, I'm happy to share.❤

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