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Vase Creation Launch Self-Love Products to Conclude Turbulent Year with a Bang

A month left till the end of 2020 and looking back, the year was filled with nothing but turbulence. However, homegrown beauty brand, Vase Creation is determined to turn the year around and kick-start the most anticipated time of the year by introducing their remarkable innovative Vase Creation Caramel Collection: Crème Brûlée Flavoured All-Natural Luxe Lip Gloss and the Magical Relaxation Self-Love Product – Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist.

Are you still counting sheep to fall asleep? The modern society is full of fast pace, hectic schedules, constant notifications, and distractions from our devices. Where does it lead us to? High level of stress with disrupted sleeping schedule but fret not, Vase Creation got you covered by offering a catalyst to a quality pamper rest with their newly launched products. “It is challenging to sustain a healthy lifestyle during such difficult times and that’s where Vase Creation’s motive comes in handy, which is to develop a worry-free and safe product for everyone, to ameliorate your lifestyle,” quote Charlotte Tan, founder and formula chemist of Vase Creation.


Caramel Collection: Crème Brûlée Flavoured Lightweight & Cooling All-Natural Luxe Lip Gloss

The Luxe Lip Gloss is specially formulated with All-Natural & Safe Ingredients - Plant-Derived Squalane, castor oil, the essence of jojoba oil, Vitamin E & menthol.

There are 3 shade variations available; Jewel Milk, Winter in Paris, and Lavande.

The versatile Luxe Lip Gloss not only offers a glittering & glossy finish with a tinge of cooling sensation which is perfect for outings, it can also be used as an overnight lip mask to repair chapped and dry lips.

The flavour of crème brûlée was inspired by the scene where Pierre Cadault was cracking open tops of crème brûlée in the Netflix series, Emily in Paris.

Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist

The Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist is derived from a sedative blend of Organic Pure Essential Oils to beat insomnia and sleep better, without any synthetic fragrance. Carefully hand-blended and packaged in a convenient 12ml glass tube spray to create the perfect slumber. The combinations of essential oils: Lavender, Patchouli, Sweet Orange,

Roman Chamomile, Vetiver and Cedarwood are well-known for their calming & relaxing benefits.

Availability & Pricing

Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist is exclusively available at A Day Department Store and selected major E Commerce platforms, for a price of RM 25. Vase Creation Crème Brûlée Flavoured Lightweight & Cooling All-Natural Luxe Lip Gloss is exclusively available at A Day Department Store and selected major E-Commerce platforms, priced at RM 56 for ala carte, and RM 159 for a set of 3 units.

Vase Creation Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist & Crème Brûlée Flavoured Lightweight & Cooling All-Natural Luxe Lip Gloss is available at selected department store & major e-commerce platforms as below:

- Retail: A Day Department Store, INTERMARK KL

- Shopee Mall (

- Vettons (Vase Creation)

- LamboPlace (Vase Creation)

- Vase Studio (

About Vase Creation

Vase Creation is Malaysia’s First Clean Beauty: Cosmetic & Personal Care Brand. They are the architect behind Daboba Bubble Tea Lip-Balm and Milk Candy Lip-Balm in Malaysia, delivering “Truly Natural Beauty” and offering distinctive safe products, since 2018. Our products are free of petrochemicals and other synthetic ingredients like lead, phthalates, parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate. Moreover, the products are also free from animal testing, hand-poured, microbial tested, and Halal-Test Certified. Dedicated for sensitive skin users. Today, Vase Creation prides themselves of their high social responsibility practises by ensuring products are made from imported quality natural ingredients through nature-safe processes, with their very own distinctive formulation by the founder of Vase Creation, whom is a Formula Chemist by profession. #SupportLocal


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