Authentic Malaysian Lifestyle Experience at 6 Selangor's Homestays


Experience Traditional Lifestyle at 6 Exciting Homestays in Selangor


Enjoy Peaceful Village Ambience and Traditional Activities at

 Your Preferred Homestay in Selangor

Visitors will be living as guests with local village hosts, often with authentic traditional home designs

Visitors will learn on local arts and handicrafts during their stay at Selangor’s homestays

Visitors will also be entertained by traditional Malay musical performances 


Having a vacation with your family at homestays in Selangor is definitely an interesting option to do when travelling is allowed again. A homestay experience can be defined as living as guests with a local host in a village community for certain days. The family host will warmly welcome the visitors and arrange for exciting village activities. Homestay experience is one of the best ways to understand the culture, arts and lifestyle ​​of a specific community. The following are the suggestions by Tourism Selangor on the 6 best homestays in Selangor:


Many did not know that Banghuris homestay is famous among foreign visitors because of its beautiful scenery and the many, interesting activities provided. This homestay which is located in Sepang District has around 80 guest houses and 100 guest rooms, and was recognized as the 'Best Homestay in Malaysia' by Tourism Malaysia at Malaysia Tourism Award in 2004. Furthermore, there are many activities that tourists can enjoy here such as playing gasing, trying using blow pipes, making and flying the traditional wau, cooking special menu of rebung, visiting traditional chips (cakar ayam) and snack factory, visiting dragon fruit and coffee farms, and palm oil plantation as well as watching rubber tapping demonstration. The price depends on the selected package ranging from RM70 to RM300 per person.

For more info, log on to or contact (+6019-3919547).




Sungai Haji Durani homestay is a suitable place for a holiday with your family that combines the beauty of the village and beautiful paddy fields. There are many activities that visitors can enjoy here such as wallow in the mud, batik colouring, scatter rice from its stalks, fish and catch fish with bare hands, take a dip in the river, visit traditional cakes and nata de coco factories, play traditional games like congkak, tarik upih pinang and many more. Surrounded by the paddy fields, it is the best place to capture photographs with your loved ones. The price depends on the selected package ranging from RM65 to RM300 per person.

For more info, log on to or contact (+60136077025)



This homestay surrounded by beautiful green jungle is a perfect place for visitors to relax and enjoy the view of paddy fields. Visitors will be warmly welcomed by the host and the local community. Among the activities provided at this homestay are batik colouring, strolling around on a tractor, and also learn on herbal plants, traditional paddy planting and techniques for tree log cutting. Not only that, there are also other activities such as catching catfish with bare hands in the mud, kayaking, fishing at small rivers, canals and sea, jungle trekking and many more. The price depends on the selected package ranging from RM60-RM200 per person.

For more info, log on to or contact (+6019-346 7372)




Papitusulem homestay is located in Sekinchan where it offers a variety of exciting activities. The landscape of this village is very beautiful because it is surrounded by ​​greenery rice fields. Papitusulem homestay allows you to experience the village lifestyle by living with the foster family. Visitors will be served tasty traditional food dish, as well as get to enjoy activities with the local community. Furthermore, you will be taken to rice paddy fields and vegetable gardens, and get to witness the process of coconut milk and many more. You will also be presented with kompang, martial arts, kuda kepang and cempuling performances. Not only that, there are also recreational activities such as kayaking, boat riding and fishing at the sea. The price depends on the selected package ranging from RM20-RM120 per person.

For more info, log on to or contact (+60172712260)




Located in Kuala Langat, Anjung Damai homestay is a focal destination for local and foreign visitors due to its cozy environment and exciting activities being offered. The homestay is equipped with facilities such as air-conditioning system, big parking area, beautiful modern bathrooms and the location is even close to supermarkets and restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy riding ATVs, visit cow, goat and sheep farms and feed the animals, walk through the mangrove forest and many more. The price depends on the selected package ranging from RM60 to RM250 per person.

For more info, log on to @anjungdamaihomestay/Facebook or contact (+6013-233 3768)



Bougainvillea homestay is located in Gombak where this place offers a different atmosphere from the city life. Staying at this homestay is very interesting because there are many activities offered to the visitors. Villagers of Sungai Kertas always practice the gotong-royong activity with their local community to clean up the surroundings and even celebrate their traditional heritage. Other than that, there is also a Malay wedding package that includes cultural performances, bridal chambers, wedding attires and many more. Furthermore, visitors have the opportunity to learn to cook sambal tempe and also traditional food of Mandailing community named Nasi Upa-Upa. The price depends on the selected package ranging from RM98 to RM380 per person.

For more info, log on to or contact (+60163920439)



To conclude, there are several homestays that tourists can visit in Selangor offering various exciting activities. Now may not be the right time to have a vacation that involves mingling around with the community, but tourists can always consider planning a trip to Selangor’s homestays at the right time later on. Other than that, do not forget to always maintain social distancing and adhere to the standard operation procedures (SOPs). especially during your vacation to prevent Covid-19 infection from spreading.


For more information, please log on to the official website of Tourism Selangor at Selangor.Travel


About Tourism Selangor
Tourism Selangor is a state government tourism arm established to increase the number of local and international tourists to Selangor by enhancing and developing the known as well as the undiscovered beauty of the State. Many initiatives are taken to achieve this such as organizing local and international campaigns, events, overseas tourism trade missions, local roadshows and many more.

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