How to Detect and Avoid from being SCAM

This year, 2020, it has been a tough and challenging year for all of us because of Covid19 crisis. Each of us is impacted in some ways. We need to understand that we all face the same storm, but we all are not on the same boat.

Some might have a better advantage than the others and some may struggle to survive. Covid19 has led to a dramatic loss of human lives, health, food systems and the world of work worldwide. The economic and social disruption is worrying.

This difficult times has shown us how fragile life is and one of the main things in life that we need to survive, unfortunately, is having money. All of us need money to provide the necessities to live.

During these rough times, many unethical parties are also waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals who also need money. This parties we called scammers. They capitalise on people's hardship and fears to manipulate other vulnerable people.

Be aware that scammers are also sophisticated with their tactics and have many types of schemes and businesses that they disguised to look legitimate and interesting, but their motive is to swindle your hard-earned money and take advantage of your situation. Once they get what they want, they will vanish.

This is crucial, I urge my family, friends and followers to be more vigilant when making business and investments decisions to not fall into their lies and fake promises.

How to detect this unscrupulous parties

❗Always do your research first hand (information is everywhere, check thoroughly) and don't quickly jump into the bandwagon even if everyone around you is doing it
❗Investment with guaranteed profit (this is a red flag - no such thing as guaranteed, if yes, this is a very dangerous business and potentially a fake one)
❗Too good to be true business model and promises (be realistic)
❗Business or investment that lures you to join and give you 'offer of a lifetime or limited time' 
❗Huge returns or profits (even better than the financial institutions? - doesn't make sense)
❗Pyramid schemes, based on enrolments/recruit people - people are the product (if they are pushing this agenda, you know you are the product = scam)
❗MLM business that is a cover-up illegal pyramid scheme (they said they are MLM and legal) - please check this difference in their business model
❗Brands that source for brand ambassadors and said everything is free, but have to pay for the shipping fee (which cost a lot) at the end and sometime unreasonable commission schemes (this is becoming more 
and more, beware influencers)
❗Macau Scam - impersonate authorities/trusted officials to get a large sum of money (please check this carefully when you get any phone calls)
❗Love Scam - contact you with fake profiles (too good to be true profile), praise, engaged and try to strike a relationship with you, before they commit fraud in the end)
❗Many more - debt collection, settlement, relief, mortgage, imposter, oil scam, apps scam, religious and charity scam, social media and online business scam, grandparents scam, lottery or prize scams, wire or money transfer fraud and more - stay vigilant

Ways to avoid being scammed

✅Always deal with individuals, entities that are registered, licensed or trustworthy (depends on the type of business, check with the relevant authorities/parties) - do your background check
✅Ask questions and request for important information. They shouldn't be easily triggered and emotional
✅Check with relevant authorities before investing or depositing any monies even it is a small amount
✅Don't be pressured or rushed by anyone. Find time to do your research when you want to get yourself into something 
✅Be sceptical if there's no proper documentation in writing and if you are not certain with the legality
✅Beware of investments and making money opportunity over the internet. This is their playground
✅Secure your personal information. Don't leak them to untrusted parties
✅Keep copies of all documents or writings when you agree with any parties

I have seen so many individuals and groups of people around me that have been scammed and in businesses that are scamming people.

Let us all exercise extreme caution when being offered something lucrative and being promised heavens on earth. If someone is promising you quick and so much money (rich), no risk, and everything seems perfect/too good to be true, please be careful. Just remember, the faster and easy you get something better, the faster and easy you get something worse.

Report and file a complaint to relevant authorities if you know any scammers or has been a victim of scams.

Protect yourself from being a victim of a scam. It's better to have little or enough money but it belongs to us than having a lot of money that isn't ours, taking from unfortunate people and scamming people for a living. Remember this.

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