Thank you for 500K+!❤


500K+, I want to celebrate this meaningful milestone with my readers and followers❤ Thank you so much for the half a million blog hits at 🤩🎉

I am ultimately grateful for the support and love, especially to my loyal supporters and readers since day 1! The photos shared are several highlights of my achievements and publications over the years in writing and content creating. 

Glad to have the opportunities to work and collaborate with 150+ great individuals, organisations, non-profit org, brands and partners, locally and internationally. Thank you to all 20K+ followers across my social media platforms for your continuous support and engagement!

Thank you to God, my hubby, Farhan for his incredible support and motivation, family and friends who trusted my journey and to all the people, brands and partners for the amazing collaborations. May we all grow together in achieving our dreams and goals in life. 

This milestone doesn't come easy. It was one of the toughest rides in my life, full of challenges, hardship and tremendous dedication. Good support, motivation, inspiration, prayers, willpower and never ever give up, you can achieve what you want. You are your own motivation and competition, focus on you. Be with those who appreciate the true you. 

I am also thrilled for something exciting, and I want you to be part of it! I am launching something soon! Stay tuned okay?!😍💖

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