ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces All-New Peripherals for the Ultimate Mobile Gaming Experience

ROG Falchion, ROG Cetra RGB, and ROG Strix XG16 empower gamers and take mobile gaming to the next level

TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 22, 2020 — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced all-new gaming peripherals that deliver ultimate mobile gaming experiences: the ROG Falchion gaming keyboard, ROG Cetra RGB gaming headphones, and the ROG Strix XG16 gaming display. The ROG Falchion wireless gaming keyboard offers a space-saving layout that is 65% the size of a standard keyboard, a user-friendly multi-use interactive touch panel, and wireless Aura Sync lighting. ROG Cetra RGB gaming headphones feature active noise cancellation (ANC) technology and customizable RGB lighting. ROG Strix XG16 is a 15.6-inch portable gaming display with a built-in battery that features up to 144 Hz refresh rates, 1080p resolution display and a user-friendly kickstand design. These gaming peripherals deliver the high-caliber portable controls, audio, and graphics needed to take mobile gaming to the next level.


ROG Falchion wireless gaming keyboard

ROG Falchion is a wireless mechanical keyboard with an innovative design that's 65% the size of a standard keyboard. It offers a versatile cover case and an interactive touch panel that can adjust volume, play and pause music, and zoom the screen in and out. The touch panel can also be programmed for use as a macro key, and the RGB LEDs inside the touch panel indicate battery status in real time. It provides gamers with ultrafast 1 ms, 2.4 GHz connectivity and up to 400 hours of battery life.  With the cutting-edge design and user-friendly features, ROG Falchion empowers gamers with next-level control and performance.


ROG Cetra RGB gaming headphones

ROG Cetra RGB gaming headphones support multiple platforms via a USB-C® connection, including mobile phones, PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch. The active noise cancellation (ANC) technology and innovative Ambient mode on the earbuds enable users to fully immerse in games, music and other media without distraction, yet also give users the ability to hear external sounds, as needed. Exclusive 10 mm ASUS Essence drivers deliver optimized gaming audio and strong bass. Users have a choice of three sizes of silicone tips and ear fins, as well as a pair of foam ear tips ― all to provide flexibility to ensure a comfortable fit. The customizable RGB lighting on the headphones allows users to enjoy high-quality audio in style.


ROG Strix XG16 portable gaming display

ROG Strix XG16 is a 15.6-inch portable gaming display with a built-in battery that features up to a 144 Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution. It offers two USB-C® ports and one Micro HDMI port, which provide flexible connectivity and the ability to charge during gameplay. The user-friendly kickstand on the back can be opened up to 70° and enables the display to be placed stably on a flat surface in landscape or portrait orientation for comfortable viewing on-the-go. Underneath the kickstand is a mesh design with cybertext patterning, which adds to its futuristic aesthetic. The display offers high-quality colors and brightness, and the IPS panel enables wide viewing angles. ROG Strix XG16 is compatible with ROG Tripod, which allows gamers to position the display above a laptop for dual screen use.


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