All Lives Matter and We Owe it

Humans may have been around for a while - around 6 million years. 
Our overall timeline of the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. The time when humans are on Earth has allowed them to evolve, civilise, adapt and become the human we are today. 

Today, with more than 7 billion people on Earth, our planet that has sustained all living beings since day 1 is becoming weaker day by day mainly because of climate change which affects our planet in ways we can't predict. 

Glaciers melting, global temperature rising, the magnetic field is weakening and these trends are expected to continue. 

With the recent global pandemic that hits everyone globally, the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease is a sign to all humans on Earth to be more alert with everything that is vital, including the planet we live in - the Earth. 

The catastrophic disaster has pointed out the underlying challenges we faced. The sharp dip in pollution, wildlife is returning to places where humans have retreated and many other prominent events happening around the globe. 

The activities human has done over the past decades have shaped the world we live in today, better and worse. 

Extreme poverty, world hunger, war, terrorism, overpopulation, overconsumption, pandemic, inequality, injustice, racism, riots, violence, discrimination, exploitation, political drama, social issues, domestic abuse, environmental issues, habitat destruction, animal abuse, wildlife trade are some of the major problems arise through globalisation. 

Humans are fighting to achieve and prove what they want instead of what they need. Humans release emotions and pain through violence with other humans and animals. Many humans are more concerned about own, family, and children survival than all living beings we can possibly think of to help and save as a whole. 

What we are shaping today will shape the next few decades, if we're lucky enough to survive if there are no global disastrous events. 

If we can reflect and learn through this pandemic, we need to start and change our behaviour in becoming better and more responsible human beings. 

How much globalisation, money, power, awards and rewards, and the never-ending 'success' we want that doesn't help other people, animals, and planet, but more just our own world? How selfish we can be? 

If this is not our wake up call, let's not wait for another wake up call where all of us dispersed and by then, nothing can be done.

Together we value protecting the Earth because we truly owe it, not the contrary. We owe everything, and all lives matter, including all animals. 

Ask ourselves, how can we help? Take significant strides towards resolving these problems. Make progress today and you'll help more people, animals, and the planet tomorrow and beyond. 💙🌍

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