Being the best version of myself through Google Maps!

Hi guys! Happy to introduce myself, I'm Sofia Naznim, a local guide from Malaysia =)

Google Maps is the best place to share my experience through informative reviews, photos and videos. I love to take photos and write at the same time. Contributing to Google Maps is not just exciting because I'm sharing my passion with others, it also helps other people to know more about places, food and so much more through my reviews and sharing.

Knowing that the contents I have shared do make a difference out there is remarkable to me. I love to share and help people and Google Maps is a great platform to do so. The fun part is while sharing, you get points and level up and it makes you want to share more and more. I write honest reviews based on my experience and I believed in writing positively and I do write constructive feedback if I find the place or food is not so good so the business can improve.

Being a local guide is a wonderful thing for me as I expand my horizon in exploring more amazing places and food and share my experience with people all over the world and somehow assisting people to navigate around places and try delicious food too! I am thrilled to share more in Google Maps because there are so much to explore and share with all of you out there!

I am happy to be a local guide because I live my life by doing what I love which is travel, photography and writing and at the same time helping people to explore places and food. Through Google Maps, I am being the best version of myself. I hope to meet more friends and create more connections in this awesome community.

Thank you Google for creating this tremendous platform and hope to connect more with other local guides around the world!

Best wishes,
Sofia Naznim

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Malaysia

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