Spread the kindness, support the voiceless πŸ’–

Hi thereπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‹ Aren't these dogs cute?😍 

If you can look at the first two photos in the collage, these 2 super friendly, adorable dogs are looking for a forever home. Please spread this message so we can find a kind adopter to care and love them❤️ Both female and 1 spayed. Another one will send for spaying soon.

They both very loyal, always follow around and get excited during feeding. They even chase the car halfway through highway after feeding, a sign of loyalty and gratefulness. Please help them find a good homeπŸ™
The story behind two people whom I truly respect, who saves and cares hundreds of stray dogs in the streets through feeding, spaying and loving.

Every morning, Mr. Low never fails to prepare packs of dog food and helps to feed the stray dogs at 7 sites in Klang daily. In the evening, he will pack the dog food in bags for some dogs that are afraid of people. He will toss to them and the dogs will pick up the bag and go somewhere safe to eat. You may see from the photos how the dogs would wait for food and how happy they are with Mr. Low.

Mr. Low prepares the daily dog food by going to bread factory to buy bread in big bulk for the dogs beside dog kibbles and his family leftover food that should never be left wasted, instead share with the strays that needed the most.

There are many stray dogs, including the pregnant ones. These voiceless animals were captured and released because they were not good enough to be sold and some are thrown in abandoned areas or industrial areas. Some are captured and killed. Some are tortured until they die. Mr. Low helps what he can to help these surviving great dogs that don't deserve to die and abused.

These acts of selflessness, care and helping the voiceless have been going through for more than 5 years. Mr. Low and his daughter, Winnie, have helped countless stray dogs. They feed, spayed and cared for this loyal and beautiful God 's creation.

I was always impressed with their act of kindness and willingness to help the strays so the strays will find adopters and they do what they can to help the strays to live better in the streets, the least. They use their own means to help the strays. Food can cost roughly a minimum of RM 600 monthly. Spaying/neutering can cost RM 200-300 per dog depends on the dog's weight. Once in a while, friends or those who are willing to share will donate for food & spaying cost.

If you would like to support the stray dogs in Klang area by helping Mr. Low and Winnie to help the strays, any donations are welcome, so they can help to feed, spay/neuter more stray dogs.

Any amount of donations is more than welcome. Your kindness can help to save a stray's life.
Banking details

πŸ”ΉMaybank 5140 5763 4848 

πŸ”ΉLow Hooi Bee

Let us all support and help the voiceless. We can start by taking care properly of our own cats and dogs. Ensure our own furry kids get the proper food, care, and get them spayed/neutered.

We can also extend our help by helping the strays by doing what we can. We can also find individuals or community who help the strays and lend them financial support or be a volunteer to help the strays.
In this light, we hope there will be fewer strays on the run and there will be more hearts to save other furry kids' lives. πŸ’•πŸ•πŸˆ
Spread the kindness, support the voicelessπŸ’–

Thank you for reading, supporting and sharing. God bless your kind soul and good deeds. πŸ™Œ

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  1. it's very kind and lovely things to do...

    1. Yes, Debbie. Truly respect those people who care for helpless strays and animals out there.

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    1. Thank you Gbay for sharing and your kind comment

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