Second Round of Torment - Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Guys, tell me, what is worse than having wisdom tooth surgery for a second round? 
Remember that time when I told you I have to do it again for my right wisdom tooth? I just did it again...and to add more fun (hell no!), this time, there was drilling involved and therefore = not so pleasant surgery experience. My husband could even hear the drill from outside of the surgery room..Oh my God, it was terrible. I had a tough recovery from the first one, the second surgery was even worse. The time the oral surgeon asked me to lie down, I was as stiff as a stick. 

Honestly, I was terrified because it was a different oral surgeon, thinking about the first bad experience and the recovery process that was going to be so much paiinnn. Plus, you can see everything during the surgery, you have to widely open your mouth and everything is so near and clear to you! My head was definitely not straight, I was thinking all the terrible stuff until the oral surgeon became grumpy and asked me to completely relax my body like a jelly. She expected me to be more okay because I had done it before..which she should not have because I had a bad recovery experience..I did try my best to think all the happy moments I have with hubby and chilled like she said so. I had to endure the stressful procedure for about 40 minutes with 15 minutes of my gums and bones being drilled and so much more gore. 

I'm still recovering, not fully recovered. I had infections (yes again..), I can only take Panadol (which sucks) because of my medication allergies and I had to go back to Dr. Nair from Qualitas, Shah Alam. He prescribed me with the same medication I had taken last time when I suffered the same condition and at the moment, I'm recovering slowly. I totally recommend Dr. Nair, he is a great doctor, detailed, understanding and supportive. 

Next week I still need to meet the oral surgeon to remove my stitches and pull out my upper wisdom tooth. I hope I will be better soon! I miss eating, talking and being fun and active. If you have impacted wisdom tooth and need to undergo surgery, I wish that you will be strong. It's not easy, the process will be difficult, and the recovery may be a hell of a time (depends on people and circumstances). 

Get your teeth checked. If you know you need to remove your wisdom tooth/teeth, do it now because in the end you still have to do it. Don't wait too long, because things can be worse if your tooth/teeth are impacted. Just be prepared and have your support system. All the best my friend!


You can watch an example of impacted wisdom tooth removal with drilling here:
Only watch if you're okay watching extreme video and your heart can take it..

You can read my first experience of my wisdom tooth removal at 

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