What To Do When Moving House From East to West Malaysia

It doesn’t take an army to move a family!

Sometimes in life you have to make big decisions and big moves. A friend of mine decided to move from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur. Here are some tips I gave her for making a quick checklist of things she needs to do before moving house.


What to keep, what not to keep — plan in advance and make allowances for the amount of clothes to bring with you. Separate the items that you would like to keep, discard or sell, and pieces that you’d like to donate to charity. Roll, not fold —you will save tons of space when you roll your clothes and pack them into your suitcase.


Save on padding — secure items by wrapping them in clothes, cloths and towels. It’ll save you money and space, as you’re packing two things at once. Save on boxes — ask any supermarket, they will have extra unused boxes that you can use to pack your stuff. Don’t seal them off completely. Fill in items periodically and close them once you’re ready to move. For boxes without handles, cut squares into the sides; easier to carry during transport. Fragile and delicate — stack paper plates in between glass plates to prevent breakage.

Moving services
Choose the right partner — movers are a convenient and are a time saving resource to help you through the process. There are plenty of transportation services out there. Do some basic research and get a quote for the best price to suit your budget. Movers offer packages for moving, storing, and delivery depending on your requirements. The right package will help you save time, money, and all that heavy lifting!


The first thing that you’ll need to do is ensure your pet has the necessary vaccinations. Apply for an Import Permit from Jabatan Haiwan Kuala Lumpur. Upon receiving this, apply for the Export Permit from Jabatan Haiwan Kota Kinabalu. Book a ticket on the airline of your choice to transport your pet; they charge by weight. You should also book an animal hotel once your pet arrives. The airline agents should be able to help you with the customs paperwork. It’s best to do this within a week of your departure date. Remember to pack a blanket, play toy or something familiar to keep your pet calm. Avoid feeding your pet a heavy meal prior to the flight but ensure it is well hydrated. Take your pet for a walk to stretch its legs before getting into the travel crate. Your precious one is now ready to travel!

Ensure all your important documents and paperwork are in order before the big move. Check that your passports are valid for travel and vaccination requirements have been adhered to. Remember to keep a photocopy of your passports, birth certificates, or marriage certificates (store them separately from the original). Get your family’s medical and dental records. Notify your doctors or insurance agents of your move.


If you wish to bring your own vehicle from East Malaysia, choose a freight forwarder from Malaysia that specialises in relocating your vehicle safely. GMG (Giga Maritime Group) offers seamless end-to-end freight forwarding services including booking and documentation processing. You will enjoy door-to-door collection and delivery services as well as customs clearance and freighting; GMG handles it all. Input detailed vehicle information such as vehicle type, year of make, other insurance info, and delivery and collection information. It typically takes about eight to ten days from the time of collection, shipping, customs clearance, and delivery of your vehicle. Request a quote from them here.

Relocating is by no means an easy feat. It’s more of a team effort. Whether it’s just you, or your whole family, having a professional company on your side makes the move a success.

There you have it, those are just a few tips on what to plan for, when moving from East to West Malaysia. Minimise the stress and make moving a smoother process!


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