My Poems Publication in World Poetry Almanac :)

After a decade of writing, I am very much grateful for this amazing opportunity given by Dr. Hadaa Sendoo to publish two of my poems in the World Poetry Almanac. 

No words can describe the excitement and appreciation of seeing my poems published in the most influential international poetry yearbook that focuses on contemporary poetry and poetics.

The World Poetry Almanac book is published every April - May in Mongolia, Central Asia with over 300 pages which include poems of 180-190 poets from 100 countries and features dialogs on poetry, book reviews, interviews, and academic papers.

This prominent poetry collection is founded in 2006 by Dr. Hadaa Sendoo who is an international award-winning Mongolian poet and translator. He is the leading figure of the World Poetry Almanac with more than 10 collections of poems book and his poems have been translated to more than 30 languages and have been recognized as the best Mongolian Poetry.

Dr. Hadaa Sendoo is considered one of the greatest poets in the 21st century by critics. The almanac has been enthusiastically acknowledged in international poetry circles and copies have been contributed to the following organizations: The British Library, UNESCO Library, the Library of Congress USA, the Swedish Academy, and Frankfurt Book Fair.

Personally, this is definitely a milestone I have achieved in my writing journey. Thank you so much to Dr. Hadaa Sendoo for giving me this incredible opportunity, believing in my writings, and for your kind proposal to publish my poems in your yearbook.

I have been writing poems from the age of 13 years old and developed a passion since then. This is an incredible moment in my life to see my poems to be accepted at an international level among great poets out there. I am humbly thankful and thank so much to my husband for his tremendous support of my writings and artwork. Without his encouragement, I think I would still be writing poems and stories in my book and just keep it close without sharing it with anyone else.

Sharing my writings and photography work with a broader audience has always been my dream as a writer and seeing it being accepted day by day and inspiring people makes me happy. I wish and I hope I will always write good content and take good pictures. Although someday AI and robots probably going to take over most of the things or jobs in the world, I hope I can still share and inspire people with my art – adapting and using future technology to the best.

I hope you guys, my dear followers, and readers enjoyed my writings, photos, and sharing this far. Thank you so much for your support and love and cheers to more future together! 😊

Much love,
Sofia Naznim

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