My Open Apology Note

Dear all,

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to apologise to any of you who is reading this if I ever did anything wrong to you in my life. 
Be it through my writings, words, or actions. This is an open apology note to those I have known in my life, personally or just a friend on social media platforms or anyone out there who knows me. I know I can’t please everyone but I always try my best not to hurt anyone’s feelings. If I ever cause you any pain in any manner, please forgive me.

I have lived my life for 26 years and I would like to take this opportunity to relive more years to come with a greater purpose and more noble friendships. Apologising is never easy, but to forgive and forget is the hardest. I have learned that in the end, a life of content is to ask for forgiveness, forgive people and try to forget what has happened. Although that doesn’t mean that we should take someone's kindness for granted. Holding grudges will eventually eat you up day by day and make you a person full of anger and disappointment. Let’s respect and understand each other better, that’s the best.

I wish turning 27 is not just another birthday, but a day and more years to come with a greater future filled with love from my families, friends, and colleagues, more wisdom and experience that I can learn, and hope I can benefit others as well through my work, writings, photos and work of art.

Thank you for being there with me through my whole life or even just a day, I have understood life better by having all of you in my life. Thanks for cherishing, supporting, and appreciating me all this while. You all know who you are. It means a lot.

I wish the best to all of you and may we all live a great future together with good intentions and positive energy.

Sofia Naznim

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