Magic – Rare of its kind, but it's real

Yesterday, something magical transpired. I was out for lunch with my colleague. On our way back, out of the blue he stopped me for a while and asked me, do you believe in magic? 

I’m like “Yeah, I do. I know most of the magician is an illusionist but perhaps out of these 7 billion people, maybe one or two can really do magic. Maybe..”, I told my friend. He said “Okay. Let me show you some magic..”

Then he showed me his magic trick using a necklace and a ring and how the ring suddenly twisted (a knot) without him doing the knot. Interesting and it was indeed a good illusion. He gave me and I tried to pull it off like he did, but I failed (obviously hahaha). So..he exposed me the trick again and how he really does it and I was like, ‘that’s cool’. But I told him, that was not magic, indeed a good illusion.

So we walked back to our office and on the way back, I suddenly thought of my access card that I kept in my jacket and checked it out. “Oh no! It’s gone. I think it dropped somewhere” I told my friend anxiously. I told him there was money together with the card (consider a lot).

Unfortunately, my jacket pocket had torn and it was big until the card fell off the pocket without me realizing. He told me if there’s a lot of money, people who find it, might take the money and throw away the card because there’s no number or anything to contact me from the card even if they want to return the card. I said, “that’s true, but I hope someone finds the card and sends me back the card”..He said “Very unlikely”..And so we tried to backtrack, search for it, but failed.

After the unsuccessful ‘rescue card mission’, we went back to the office and all I can do at that moment was file a report that my card was missing to the admin team. They took the note and informed me that I have to do a new card with a charge of RM 50 for the building management fee.

I was sad because it was unfortunate that I lost my card and I have to fork out more money to pay it, but yes, that’s the fee. I sat down at my desk and work on some work first before going to the building management to make the card payment and suddenly my office phone rang and I answered. “Sofia, someone found your card, she said please collect from her at the next-door building because she said there’s money inside the card. She found our office number behind the access card. Her name is Adura and this is her number..”. I was like “Oh my God, thank you so much and I jot down her name and number..” I quickly call her and she was so nice and I thanked her so much for her kindness.

I went down and on my way, I bought her some yogurt drinks at my lobby as a token of appreciation to her and her friends that helped found and kept my access card and money safe. When I reached there, I saw her and thanked her so much and I hand over her the drinks. She refused and said I don’t have to give her anything at all, but I said “Please, it’s my token of appreciation, and may God bless you and friends”. She said, “Thank you very much and please go back, it’s going to rain”.

I went back to my office happily, not just because I got back my access card and money, but because I met a beautiful soul (souls-her friends too!) which is pretty rare these days for people to find something and return back to the owner. I told my magician friend “Guess what? Someone returned the card to me and that was magical” and I told him the whole story. He was like “Woah, that is truly magic and that’s a real one”. We both smiled.

Today, I told my admin friend in snippets of the story and she said ‘Yesterday, right after your loss, another lady also lost her card, but someone found it and return it to her. Yesterday was a lucky day for both of you. Usually, when the card is lost, it will lose forever, no return”. I told her, yes, very lucky and magical.

Why I share this story is because sometimes when you think that there are so many bad or evil people, there is still good and beautiful soul out there. Rare but there is. Everyone has their good and bad side. It depends on us, which side we want it to be more, the good or the bad.

When we are in a difficult situation and bad things happened, it is a course for us to learn more about life. Never give up, pray, and always do your best. Thank you to those who have helped me in my life journey all this while, no matter how small it is. You guys have shown and taught me valuable lessons in life and I thanked you for that.

Kindness, this is the 21st-century magic, rare of its kind, but it's real.

Do good, spread kindness, and may we have kindness and humanity for each other and other beings in this world. J


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