Are you the Hero or the Villain?

You might be a hero to someone, and a villain to another person. 

We all have different perspectives, views, and ideas about the world around us. We also come from different schools of thought, culture, and religion. If someone loves you or hates you, embrace it accordingly. Accept and reflect on the bad. 

Not everyone will like us and accept us for who we are. It’s okay to be hated, it’s alright to be different. Probably something that is bad for someone is good for another and vice versa. We can’t please everyone, we can’t make everyone like us. Worry not, you don’t have to. Always compare yourself with who were you yesterday, do you feel better or worse. Do something about that, change for your betterment, not for others. 

Do listen to advice from knowledgeable, experienced, good-hearted people. If someone is being judgmental and spreading negativity, don’t be close if you feel affected by their words and action. All of us have different personalities, backgrounds, and behavior, it is important to value and understand these differences to achieve unity and freedom. We need to learn how to respect others, including ourselves. Respect people no matter who they are. Don't discriminate and be prejudiced.

As long as humans feels better than one another, jealousy, hatred, revenge, and lack of empathy, freedom, and unity is still far away from being achieved. If we understand this scenario in life, why should we hate so much? Why should we hate in the first place? If we don’t like it, say it, try to understand the other person's feelings and situations, talked about it, and always solved any issues like an adult, a mature, positive adult, human being. 

Two important phrases that are so hard for humans to say to another human or being is “I’m sorry” and “Thank you”. If we understand the true meaning behind these two phrases and practice gratitude and unwanted feelings when we screw other people’s emotions, we would probably achieve togetherness. It takes pride to do this. Ego is the biggest culprit in any relationship and because of ego, valuable and memorable relationships and connections can easily vanish. 

Let’s inculcate more love than hate will do. More light than darkness ever will. Think about the future of our children. Think about the future of the world, if you don’t have children. There is more than our family and friends. It is the world, the universe. Go out, look up in the sky, and give a thought about this. 

I don’t want to be a hero nor a villain to anyone, I just want to be a person that I hope other people could gain something meaningful or useful from my writings and probably do something good about it. 

If ever I am hated, I am sorry if I did anything wrong to you and thank you for hating because somehow it teaches me to be a stronger individual. If ever I am loved, thank you for loving me for who I am and I’m sorry if I couldn’t provide you the same love that you are expecting or time that is enough for that love. 

I always wish I can do and give more as a being in this world but I admit I have limitations. Nevertheless, I always try my best to grow and develop the best I can for myself and the people around me while contributing to society, other beings, and the world, I hope. 

One of my notable quotes is “when there is love, there is life”, which apparently is the same quote as Mahatma Gandhi and I never know this quote belongs to him until I realize it 2 years ago. This was the first quote that I used in my Blog of Life, 3 years back and it got me strong, I do believe in this saying. To me, if everyone loves each other, and there’s no hate, there won’t be loss of lives due to killing, bombing, and other unwanted events. Imagine what can we achieve if 7 billion of us are united. The world would be in peace. 

I really hope if each and every one of us can reduce such hatred and the world would be a better place to live. Try, it’s going to be hard but try. Persevere and have faith. 

Thanks for reading up my writing until here. Thank you, you are the change in the world and I believe in you. Be the best person you want to be and can be, and probably you would want to be a hero to yourself and your family. =)

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