The 15 Old Quotes

µ  Our heart is one important organ. It should be treated with care. Fill with goodness. Eradicate the bad and evil. 
A good heart will develop a good soul. No matter how bad you used to be, realise and make improvements. It is you who makes what you have become. Tone down your ego. Seek forgiveness. Start to appreciate everything and anything. Plan your day. Adjust your timetable. Call and meet your family and loved ones. Money can buy you things, but you will lose everything that is actually really valuable to you one day if you are too into the world of money. We don't want to realize the importance of love, family, kindness, and time when it is too late to see and feel. Please take note because we live in the 21st century when money and ego can consume us more than we think.

µ  The greatest risk in life is not taking risks.

µ  Never let a person who does not appreciate you hold you back. One shall realise that something is missing in their life. Following your ego will lead to disaster. Following your desire will lead to damnation.

µ  A man who leaves a woman behind is a coward. A wise man enriches and provides happiness and supports his woman well in life.

µ  The best of love is when the person you love is willing to hold you and walk through together for the rest of his life without leaving you behind. If he is unable to perform this, it is better to walk alone.

µ  Love is an undeniable pain when we have to face the fact that we have to walk alone when he is not at the tip to learn and grow. Worry not, there will always be something greater in store for us if we learn to be strong. Walking alone teaches us to be independent.

µ  The key to my heart is found now. Thanks to your pure, devoted love.

µ  The first fight in a relationship is always the toughest. But it strengthens the love bond to the deepest.

µ  We just need to learn how to breathe right and get the beat right, then calm and just fight!

µ  Lit with me your light and walk me through the dark. I can’t see unless with your pure soul that leads me. Sunny, you’re the light.

µ  Once you play with my heart, you fool me once. Twice you play it again, I fool you thrice.

µ  It’s great to see a father who attends his child when they are small. It’s wonderful to see a child who attends their father when the father gets old.

µ  I’m your troublemaker as you make me go all over the troubles just for you!

µ  You have a point there, but it’s pointless. Make a good point so I don't see less and you don't make more mess.

µ  People who organized their work are more successful than those who do not. Let's get organized!

The 15 Old quotes by
Sofia Naznim

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