One of the Love Days - Happy We Day! ♡

When you love someone wholeheartedly, every day is Valentine’s Day.

I had this wonderful, funny moment today when I saw this uncle carrying a bouquet of flowers and got a beautiful box in his left hand. I was thinking, “Oh yeah, it must be Valentine’s presents”. His hand was full and he was looking for someone to help him.

Right on time, I’m just about to step into my office, and he asked me, “do you know who is this?” It strikes me immediately as I saw my name on the paper he showed. There was my friend there laughing and saying, “It’s you!” and I was like “Is this real”. The uncle gave the beautiful box to me and asked me to sign the paper as proof of receiving the item. My friend helped to hold the box for a while as my hand was full of bags during the moment. She passed the box to me and I bring the box to my place, blushing and wondering.

Many things were running through my head. One of my good colleagues and friend, Kak Jo was making me blush even more when she starts to tease me. I was like is this from my husband, and still wondering. There was a card on top of the box. I opened it and oh yes, it’s my husband. It was a great surprise because it’s my first time getting a gift at the office by delivery. Usually, he surprised me with gifts face to face. This time, it’s different and I love it, as always. ;)

The words from my husband were beautiful, as always. Just like he said, there are no words that can describe such feelings and I have to agree with that. No matter how well I write my feelings towards him, it’s always more than that. 

The box is beautiful. I texted my husband and tell him how grateful I am. I thought of opening the present with him but he asked me to open it first. I untie the ribbon. There was this knot that is quite hard to untie. It took me 5 minutes to untie it but it’s worth the wait rather than cutting it. If you know me well, I always unbox any presents delicately and kept them well. I don’t know why, but I don’t like to tear things unless I really need to. To me, every gift is meaningful even how small the gift is. The thought that counts.

Once I manage to open the box, I smiled, he knows me very well, for sure. There’s this cute bear with fresh roses next to the bear and all well positioned in the box. Super cute and beautiful. Most of my friends who drop by to my table tease me like God knows. Kak Aira is the funniest. Tease me like crazy. Lol. Above all, they wish us well, and thanks for that. :)

Thank you so much, hubby. I like your wittiness and being unpredictable at times. You totally surprised me, my loyal secret admirer. :P

All I can say is every day is Valentine’s Day when you truly love someone. Always appreciate their existence every day and show your love towards them in many ways. Not necessarily gifts, but the act of love, even the slightest. 

Genuinely show that you care and really do it, means a lot to a woman, especially after you got married to someone and also after having kids. It should be a continuous process. Dedicated and passionate for your partner and eventually it builds a better you.

Sparks of love shouldn’t die after you got married and have kids. Ignite your spark of love daily, and to achieve this, it involves both parties to make it true. Having an understanding partner that supports you always is important. Most importantly, communication. Occasionally, giving thoughtful gifts is good to make someone extra happy.

The greatest gifts in life and love are time. Value your time with your loved ones. In the end, that matters the most. My love, you know the best. I wish us all the goodness in life. May our love remains the same. Spark, spark, spark. :D

I wish all the couples out there everlasting love and all the singles, love yourself best and if one day you meet someone, I wish you all the love in the world. J

Pure seed, thanks for the wonderful arrangements, it’s beautiful. Hubby thanks for choosing them, I love the name already. Pure seed, as pure as our seed of love. (I just invented a tagline) :P

To everyone, happy celebrating one of the love days, and here's to celebrate the coming days like it’s the Valentine’s day. 

Lovey dovey,

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