Exploring The Haven Resort Ipoh!

Let me bring you guys to Haven...

The Haven Ipoh is a tranquil place to chill around and unwind from the busy city life. My company had our business conference here and it was a great experience to be part of the working committee to handle the conference with the rest of my teammates while enjoying the beautiful scenic place. The only thing that I felt missing was because I didn't have my husband by my side as we always travel together. 

There are a few things I like about this place. The workers at Haven are generally nice, including the security guard and the cleaner. They respect their guests, are considerate and helpful. The food is nice as well. 

Their seahorse-shaped swimming pool is awesome, they have an infinity pool that faces the ever-flowing beautiful lake and 280-million-year-old limestone rock. They also have a Jacuzzi and slide for children. The view is magnificent, you just wanna be there forever. 

I went to the swimming pool to swim for both days. Just ensure that you have proper swimming attire, then only you can swim. I always swim everywhere I go, especially if they have a nice pool. That's the time when you can somehow exercise and chill at the same time. :P 

For those who want to keep fit no matter where you go, worry not. There are a gym and a great jogging track around the lake. There is also an outdoor playground and indoor playroom for children.

I stayed with four of my housemates. We had a three-bedroom suite. The suite is clean, spacious with a beautiful view. The master bedroom is beautiful with a Jacuzzi tub. Our room is nice, but I think the smallest room is too small, quite empty and not that nice. 

One of the things I think it’s missing is not having enough mirrors. They only have mirrors in the bathroom which if you have many ladies in a house, you would know how difficult it can be to dress up, make up and do your hair. :P 

Overall, Haven is heavenly nice. Recommended for families and close friends getaway. If you are a couple, it’s nice, just that the price is on the high side. But if money is never an issue, it's a great place to laze around with a stunning view and private surroundings. You can take the suites if you want all the places for you and your hubby. You can choose from their one-bedroom apartment, up to three-bedroom suites that can accommodate couples and families alike.

4.5/5-star rating for me. ★★★★♥

Enjoy my photo journey at The Haven. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. : )

Shots were taken with my DSLR

Shots taken by with Huawei P9

Heavenly love,

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