5 Tips to 'Move On' from Emotional Distress

All of us have gone through heartbreak, at least once in our lifetime. 

Heartbreak is always not necessarily about when a guy broke your heart because the guy doesn’t love you anymore or vice versa. You can suffer heartbreak because of your mom, father, siblings, boss, friends, or make it simple, anyone. 

It is an emotional pain in your heart that happened when you suffer loss or experience sadness with your loved ones or someone that you care about. It can happen to anyone, man or woman. 

The one thing about heartbreak is the pain really hurts and it is real. Definitely, it is one of the hardest things in life that you have to go through. It is completely normal to undergo this situation at any point in your life. What to do when you encountered such painful feelings? 

Here are some tips that I hope might lessen the pain and make you feel better day by day and hope time heals the pain.

1) Be pissed (if you are), Cry and Chill
If you are mad, you have the right to be mad, so does when you feel terribly sad, you have the right to cry and let all the sadness out. But just remember to do it well and never harm anyone while you are managing your anger or sadness. 

Try to do it in your room, house, or somewhere that is safe and makes you feel comfortable. Don’t do it outside, in public, or while you are driving. You can cry all you want in your room and if you can, take a shower, meditate and sleep. You will feel slightly better when you wake up. In a way, it will help you a little, not much, but little is all you need for a start.

2) It’s the time for your best person in life to show you that they actually care
If you have a best friend, talk to that bestie of yours. Obviously, it depends on who actually gave you the heartbreak. So if it’s not your bestie, then that is okay. 

Just ensure that you look out for that important person or group of people that really care for you and nurture you, not try to make you more angry or sad. They should be able to encourage you, not demotivate you. 

Spend quality time with them. Talk and do great activities that can cheer you and make you feel a lot better. Go and have some good fun. Treat yourself once in a while. Do what you love the most. Explore and get to know yourself better.

3) Only if your heartbreak involves your ‘ex’
Do not contact your ex again. Once it’s over, it’s over. Rarely, exes can become friends. Even if you keep it professional and ‘just friends’, probably that one party still has feelings for another party. Although they are some instances where people can really do it professionally, it's just rare. 

Once you leave/break up, try to erase all memories (photos, messages, emails, etc) related to your ex. The tendency for you to look at your ex/ex’s pictures/messages is high if you keep them. No point in looking back if you already make up your mind to move on, really move on, no turning back.

4) Forgive and forget
Easy said than done, I know. It is never easy to work on this point. Forgiving someone is not easy, especially if that someone really does bad things to you or ruins your life in any way. 

All I can say is try. The more you hold your grudges, the more you remember, the less peaceful you are. The best thing is to erase that person and all memories from your head. Ignore. There are people who can actually do this. Just great.

5) Move on, embrace the present and the future, learn from the past
There’s always a reason why we meet someone in our life. There are always things to learn from everyone you meet. Sometimes you know the reason tomorrow or when the times come. Sometimes you will never know why. 

Take one step at a time to get to know people. Don’t do bad things that you don’t want others to do unto you. Learn from your past experiences so it will build a better you. Always appreciate your present, enjoy every moment. Think about the future, but never overthink - it kills. We can only predict and prepare for the future. Embrace happiness, be positive, and keep positive people in your life.

These 5 important tips are just some guidelines if you faced any relationship problems. I am no expert, these are things that I have learned in life through experiences personally, from others, professionals, and good friends. Take the things that you think can help you to be better. 

Hopefully, this article helps any of you to move on towards greatness in life. 


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