If you don't keep it clean, then who will?

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It has been a major challenge for local residents to strengthen the sanitary conditions in many urban areas in Tanzania.

Do you know the current real state of cleanliness in the city of Mwanza? Let me share it with you. :)

The cleanliness of Mwanza has been the highlight of the city for many years, but recently the situation is different. You won't be surprised to see the city is full of random dumps, garbage scattered every corner, and the worst part - nobody cares.

Although the city council has struggled to make efforts to improve the situation, people are still being insensitive to the importance of cleaning up their areas. A law was introduced for the citizens to have a cleaning exercise weekly which is on every Saturday of each month. However, it is rather disappointing as the percentage of participation is lower than anticipated.

Some of the existing disposal along the markets caused inconvenience towards the traders and customers. This can cause tourists to feel uncomfortable staying long in the city due to the unhygienic area.

Now, who's to blame? We have forgotten that change begins with you. Yes, you!

Perhaps, this problem can be diminished if you and I start to take action.

What are the measures we can take? It is vitally important to Increase the efforts to quickly remove garbage nearby people's homes and along the street (don't forget to clear your homes too). The cleaning exercises should be done by everyone in the city of Mwanza every Saturday. We should consider using waste containers/dumpsters in the home area to avoid any garbage lying around the streets of Mwanza.

This effort will help all of us in the community and eventually people in the world to recognize the importance of improving cleanliness and also to eliminate persistent infections generated by waste disposal.

And for the people in Mwanza, this is the Mwanza that we hope to achieve!

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Writer: Alex Hamis, Youth Reporter at Mwanza Youth and Children Network - MYCN
Editor: Sofia Naznim, Writer of Rainbow Pegasus

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