In case you do not feel appreciated, this is for you :)

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How do you feel when you work so hard and you did everything you could for something but you are not being appreciated and recognized for what you have done?

You feel sad. You feel demotivated. There’s part in you fill with angriness and hatred. 

The worst, there’s this sorrow that makes you don’t trust and not interested to do more anymore like what you did before. 

Why feel that way? You have the right to feel such a way. But should you let it consume you? Let it take over your life and make you feel worst day by day? NO. 

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It’s normal to feel as such when people you trust don’t appreciate you. They forgot about what you have done. They forgot about how well you treated them. They forgot about all the pain that you have endured to help them when they needed it the most. You know what? That’s people. 

People forgot. People just being people-human, tend to forget things, especially when they get something new, replacing the old things, it will be like completely forgot. Perhaps when people need you last time, it is because for their own benefits, not really about helping, wanted, or giving you opportunities-like how you thought it will be. 

Feel the pain for a moment. Do something that will make you feel better again. 

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If it’s a workplace, be professional and just let it be. You know what kind of person you are dealing with. Avoid dramas, just do your part. If they are trying to use you again, stand up for your right, try to avoid people who use other people for their own interest. If you can’t, change departments. If the problem still persists and interrupts your daily life, you should try to consider and look for another job. 

Be tough, not because you don’t stay, but because you deserve to be treated better than you were treated before, and find it elsewhere. Obviously, this is normal and will happen many times in life and can happen anywhere, no matter where you work or live. But you should never tie yourself to a chair and let anyone spin you non-stop and not be able to free yourself from such bullies. 

If you faced many bullies in your life, ask you to do this and do that but in the end, they did not appreciate and recognize you, don’t do anything for them anymore. Do something for yourself, free yourself from this kind of people. They ask you to do a lot of things because you are capable and trusted, but after getting what they want, they ditch you. That is bad. 

Be a leader, not a boss. Be human, and have a heart. Be appreciative, not superficial. Recognize, not make people cry, and jeopardize people’s life. Try your best to appreciate the people around you. try your best not to feel down or emotional unless people are being mean, you deserve to feel what you feel. 

You just have to stay strong and be positive. Don’t hope for anything, but if you deserve something, if it doesn’t happen, it will happen someday when you least expect it. Be close to people that really care for you and be there no matter what. Appreciate them and love them hard. You will feel happy. 

Oh, and the bullies don’t deserve you, at all. J 

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