Bersih 5.0 - The truth behind the lies

It's time to write this.

I have gone to a demonstration twice, being an eyewitness of the frustration and unhappiness of the people, and captured the moments with my lens as the evidence. These people that joined the demonstration are mainly to voice out their rights as citizens.

Many famous media and articles claimed that they are trying to bring down the government, racist and radical which I felt is wrong at many levels. I feel sad when people twist such things to make benefit other parties, and that's the ugly truth about politics. Unfortunately, it happens around the world and I suppose it will never end, but hope it gets better, especially in the country where we live in.

Who does not want a great leader that really cares for the people? The yellows consist of all races in my country and I witnessed with my own eyes and ears. They bravely shout for Malaysians, not for their own races. They just voice out that they want clean elections, clean government, strengthen the parliamentary democracy, empowering Sabah and Sarawak, and right to descent.

Fair demands and they are doing the right way, voice out together, since that's the only way to attract the leaders to really hear what the people really feel. They feel depressed and they are actually representing most of us that do not dare or care less to go down and voice out or some just feel that it is a waste of time.

These people protest because they need a leader that is fair and upholds justice. They need a leader that hears, not fear. It even had reached the point of desperation where some are paid to oppose these yellow fighters. You know who they are. Sadly, when people start to use race and religion issues to divide and separate people. Some are brainwashed, some are victimized, some just follow the flow and do whatever brings them a fortune.

One day we will lose everything if we are obsessed with money, fame, and power. And that's what we do not want from a leader, sink in a pool of dirty money and bring the people in together, sink deeper, and never manage to get out.

Maybe there are stories from both parties, the leaders and the people. The people had expressed their real feelings and voiced out their demands. It's time for the leaders to step up and share the truth and not the lies-no more. Think about the underprivileged and the children.

We wouldn't want a country that is majestic from the outside but empty on the inside. We don't want our children to grow up in a dangerous and corrupted environment. It's time for us to realise that even if you want to live as wealthy as you want, the wealth can disappear anytime, and the only wealth that a leader really has is its people-while it still lasts.

P.s. I wore rainbow bangles and colourful attires representing the unity of everyone - the rights of humanity and people all over the world. In case you saw me outside that day and wondered about this crazy colourful lady. There are pictures of my hand as a sign of peace and solidarity. May we achieve it, soon.

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