In Time: Is Time really Gold?

Hey guyssss! I’m just super excited to be able to write again. No worries, nothing wrong with my hand, just my time. 
My timetable is super packed and I certainly need more than 24 hours a day. I feel that time is ultimately precious and I need more of them. I used to be at a stage in life where I feel ‘Why the time and day moves so slowww’. Guess when? My student days, in the class, when the teacher is mind-numbing. I supposed, the best of us felt or undergo this when we were young. If you never experienced it, it’s either you are good or your teacher is. ;P

Have you ever watched the movie In Time starred by Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried? That’s how I feel all these years. That was one of the best movie I ever watched. I don’t know, but somehow I believed the scenario in the movie can occur in the future. Perhaps it can happen when I’m at the age of 120 years old~bye guys ;(.

What I have learned through time is, time is super valuable. You won’t get the same time twice. The same goes for chance and opportunity. You can’t buy time with money. You have to embrace all the time you have with love. I truly understand that it is hard to be diligent in managing time and it is common for sometimes just to stare blank or simply waste your time. Nevertheless bear in mind, do it for a purpose.

I used to think that it is a waste of time to sleep as I think that I can utilize the 8 hours of sleeping for more productive activity. However, once I get older, I appreciated the importance of getting enough sleep as it is crucial towards good health, your beauty sleep all that. But yeah, I still don’t get enough sleep. Not because I don’t want to but I have so many things to do. So slap me. ;P

If you have money but you don’t have time, it is pointless. But if you have time, no money, you can work on it. If you are friends with the seniors and people with many experiences, they would tell you that time is everything besides family and love. At the end of human life, in the death bed, one of the things that we are going to regret is how we used our time and have used it to the fullest with our loved ones.

Why I write this because no matter how busy I am, I never forget the people I loved and who care so much towards me. I don’t get busy on purpose, it is true because I am occupied with work and other important chores. I will try my best to make time for others. Sometimes I felt that I don’t have time for myself, and I wish I can do more to help others as well. Unfortunately, time is limited and you need to prioritize.

Every day we are granted 86,400 seconds and if you convert every second with a dollar, it means we will have $86,400 daily. How rich will you be? Super rich! And this wealth is called TIME. It is a bank of life that will generate $86,400 in the morning and write off after 24 hours as a loss. No overdraft can be made, no balance you can carry forward. All you can do is make the best of every single time you have and spend it wisely. Make the most of what you have with people who deserved most of your time. Invest your time and get the best out of every investment in happiness, health, and success. Each second makes a difference in life. Ask yourself, are we gaining or are we losing? Again, try to make worth of every second. >3

I always love this quote ‘No matter how busy you are, if there is love, there is time’. Above all, do appreciate your time. Keep a timetable if you are super busy. Nothing to be ashamed of, that shows you know how to manage your time. Prioritize your work and try to minimize what is less important and maximize what is more important. Always appreciate what you have. Spend every single day like today is your last day. Find time for yourself and your loved ones. Look after yourself to ensure you can look for others as well. I hope I can do more for others. I hope we can do more for all. Hopefully. 

Thanks for reading after so long. Appreciate your dedication and love. ;)


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