What if?

There's always that 'what if' in life. Sometimes it's good to think of it and sometimes it can be bad if you think too hard on the ifs. 
The masters say don't overthink. Overthinking can cause you stress, and it can kill you.

Do you know if you do it right, what-ifs can be beneficial in leading your life. You will be less careless and aimless, you'll be better in your decision-making skills, may even save lives.

Thinking ahead with facts, logic, a sprinkle of dreams, and guts, you shall have a good 'what if'. That what-if may become handy in the future.

Have you ever been in a situation where you ignore your 'what if' and when it happened, you're like 'oh mannn' and it's just too late to turn back the time.

But let's be real, that's the beauty of what if. It is a prediction, or for some, assumption. Let's make it right, predict, don't assume because it will make an ass out of you and me.

Predict what you can, rest let the future tell. Don't kill it, but never not bothered to think. Think, and if it's right in your heart and mind, it might be right for your future and the future of others. It's also good to have several points of reference.

If there are things that don't happen according to your prediction or plans, don't sweat.

Sometimes what if leads you to a beautiful, interesting, memorable life story that when you look back at your journey of life, you will understand why the 'what if' happened.☺

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  1. Sofia, there are two kinds of "what-ifs". The first are those that haunt us after making a serious mistake, especially one that damages our reputation, thereby hindering out forward momentum. These are the "what-ifs" that cause stress as we ask ourselves: What if I'd just done things differently? If we can't let go of these "what-ifs", we poison ourselves.
    The second kind of "what-if" is of a positive nature. These are forward-looking in nature and often employ what we've learned from mistakes in the past. They allow us to dream, create growing experiences, and prepare for what comes next. Often I find myself analyzing a situation, preparing for the worse but hoping for the best. The outcome usually falls somewhere between the two extremes.

    1. I love your views Connie. Absolutely agree with you. The positive and negative what-ifs. We can only prepare and hope for the best. I hope we will always in the outcome of light and if there's dark in between, may we will learn and shall bring light from it. Thanks my dear. ;)