Alan Walker - The young and talented DJ of the millennium

Alan Walker...Super love his songs! Alan Olav Walker or better known as Alan Walker is a British-Norwegian record producer. He is so young and talented..(born 24 August 1997). 

I was totally in love with him (his songs) when I started to listen to Faded. Just swayed away. I love most types of music genres. A universal person. His electro music is awesome and if you love good inspiring music, Alan Walker will fit in your list. Enjoy! ;D

Alan Walker: Faded

Alan Walker - Sing me to Sleep

Alan Walker - Faded (Restrung)

Alan Walker - Force

Alan Walker - Spectre

Alan Walker - Memories

Top 10 songs of Alan Walker Collection

Alan Walker - Faded (Violin Cover by Robert Mendoza)

Alan Walker - Faded Chives Violin Concept

Alan Walker - Sing me to sleep Chives Violin Cover

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Luv Sophie

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