Why You Should Read This

It is very sad that most people chose the road to not read books. Frankly speaking, I spent a lot of my money to buy books and I read them to know more on particular topics. Knowing what the author wants to deliver. From there you earn knowledge. From there you become a person who thinks over the edge.

Most people easily spent their money/savings to buy gadgets. Yes, it is true that you need tech to grow but if you are not using it in the right way, it makes you narrow. Then come to the excuses. Yes, human just loves to give justification. Generally, I am included because I am human. Nevertheless, give a good one.

When you have money and time but your attitude is just simply ignorant, that is when knowledge will just slip away from you from time to time. You will never realize the loss until it became yours in the future. In our life, most of us read books to pass tests, exams, to fall asleep after reading it. Rarely we read books because of hobbies, to earn the knowledge and all the positive essentiality

Nonetheless, do forgive me. There are people in certain countries that read books even when I turn around my heads at the beach, subway, restaurant and literally almost most of the place. Not many in my country, city. Most of them just like entertainment, mostly like somehow I see close to nonsense.

There are also people who read a lot but their thinking is still narrow. Why? If you meet one, ask them, and share with me.

Sorry to say this, but we need to change. Someone just has to pull the trigger and shoot the old you that forgot how to earn knowledge. Never think that you are now somewhere in a very impressive company, awesome friends, great money, good food and shelter, you forgot to search for knowledge that you must.

Last 2 years I see the cyber world as quite an awful place. Now, it is just worse. The senseless you are, the more worship you. I really hope that people can actually realize how important knowledge and readings are. I am not here to criticize any group of people, just human population including reminding myself.

In spite of that, I do admit that the cyber world can be a good place if we are doing it right. Share informative and brilliant information and artwork are fantastic. Even so, do no harm to people. Do not slander, defame, ridicule and bring people down. There are certain things that should not be said in the cyber world. Don't be a keyboard warrior instead be a warrior that upholds righteousness and humanity.

If you are reading this, I thank you because you are actually reading. The main purpose of this entry is not to just focus on reading books but also, in general, remind every individual that we should read.

Nowadays you can read many things with just a click of a button. You can easily get information from your laptop and simpler, your mobile. If you don't fancy reading books, read informative things on the internet. At least you are gaining than losing.

Update yourself. Broaden up your mind. Eventually, it will get through your heart and soul.


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