COMOS - The First Electric Vehicle in Malaysia!

               Renault Twizy
Nissan Leaf

As seen in the pictures above, that would be an awesome car to drive around the neighbourhood to go to work or meeting with friends!

Now we can say thank you to CMS Consortium Sdn Bhd and their partners Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) and GreenTech Malaysia for introducing such a brilliant idea to bring this eco-friendly technology car to Malaysia.

Originally, electric vehicles (EVs) have been hitting Australian street in 2008 with various models being introduced every year around the world. It is proud to see these electric vehicles will start to roam the streets of Malaysia after their grand launching this August.

This exceptional concept called Coherent Mobility Solution (COMOS) is a car sharing service using EV fleet such as electric cars and bikes that integrated with a charging station which known as EVSE and parking reservation and management system. Users are allowed to pick up or drop their EVs at any designated green parking bays within the city using COMOS mobile apps.

COMOS aims to promote sustainable green environment through emission reduction, reduction of fuel consumption and rationalization of fuel subsidy, promoting a new lifestyle of an alternative mode of mobility and promote a car sharing concept thus reducing traffic congestion and promoting the utilization of public transportation.

The integration of EV ecosystem and value chain of COMOS highly supports the National Automotive Policy (NAP) by developing critical mass for the utilization of EVs.

I am truly excited with COMOS because it's remarkable to see Malaysia finally having their first-ever futuristic car! This futuristic car is absolutely amazing and superb when it has the added value-environment friendly. I believed that this is a great initiative by the company to develop COMOS, first in Malaysia and Asian!

I wish the best for COMOS and may the greatness spur around the globe!

Think Electric Vehicle (EV) Think COMOS. 
Change the way we think, change the way we commute,
Improves our life in every blink, improves mother nature, that's how we contribute!

Photo Credits: Original artists from Google image

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  2. Thank you so much Wayne for your compliment and positive feedback! May you have a fantastic day. =)

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