Relationships, Choices and Chances


Single, in a relationship, it’s complicated, married, divorce, loss of a spouse, have children, no children, and loss of a child/children.

These are realities that will follow us through life. Sometimes it’s within our control, sometimes it’s not. It can also be by choice or by chance.

When we talk about relationships, there are various types of relationships and marital status is a civil status.

Whichever marital status people choose or are in, we should be respectful of the decision and situation, same goes for people who have children, no children or they have lost their child/children.

In today’s generation, more youngsters decide to be single and have a childless life. However, this is still a stigma to many people as this was not what it was during our parents' and grandparents' time.
Times are changing, things are very different in this century. If you know what’s best for you and there are reasons for it, you live your life on your own terms.

It is very common if you meet people, one of the main questions people will ask are you married and if yes, do you have children.

If you have none there will be follow-up questions and advice. If you have, they will ask when’s the next one will be. If you are single, they will ask when will you get married.

If you are divorced, they will probe what had happened. If you lose your spouse, they might sympathize with you. Some questions are in good light and to support, some can be rude, judgmental, and insensitive.

Whatever status and situations you are in, that is your rights, decisions, chances and it’s your life. You are not obligated to other people’s opinions and remarks towards you.

As public, friends, colleagues, and family members, we should respect people’s life stage and state of life. None of us are the same and will never be. Always be respectful.

What you think someone else should have because you have, is not necessarily right. What you think is best for someone can be otherwise.

Everything in life has its pros and cons. There are people who live their best life, despite their marital status and having kids or no kids. There are people who are in circumstances that are still unhappy with their life despite all they have.

Whichever situations, we must be mindful. We can never tell people who are single or no longer have a partner or children have no responsibilities and commitments.

Above all, no matter what, who, and where you are at your life stage, only you know what’s best for you and what you really want in life.

We all can try our very best in everything we do, but out of that, we only control what we can. If you have something or don’t have something, it may be the best for you, for reasons or reasons that you may not know, only God knows.

Time is most precious. Sometimes when you don’t have something, you can give more and do more. So use your time wisely, focus on what you have, make well of what you have, and live your best life, because you are awesome!

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