The Beginning of My Plant-Based Journey ♡ Happy Earth Day ⚘

Happy Earth Day! Today marks the 18th day for me and hubby went plant-based, vegan for most of the days.

The 1st day I tried going vegan I thought I couldn't make it for more than 2 days, but glad that we make it this far and hope to make it our lifestyle ♡

As a meat eater for 30 years, it's extremely hard to accustom to being vegetarian and what's more vegan. My surroundings, environment, and culture are very used to consumed meat and I was the same too.

Trying to change a 30 years habit is hard. I didn't change overnight. I always love animals since I was young. For me if I love animals, I shouldn't eat them, any of them, I can't be selective, I love cats but I eat chicken, fish, and beef for example. I always feel bad every time I eat meat and my family and hubby know this very well.

The first time I saw an article about plant-based was when I was in University. I told myself one day I hope to not consumed meat at all. So about 2 years back, for some days, I tried vegetarian and eating less meat. I also understand better what's happening around me about animal cruelty, the food industry, why go vegan and the planet as a whole.

Why I chose to go vegan? Interestingly, last 3 weeks, I watched 4 Netflix Documentaries that for me is a MUST WATCH for everyone. The Netflix show below makes me and hubby felt we need to change, slowly.
  • Seaspiracy
  • Cowspiracy
  • Milk System
  • Game Changer

The next day, we just said, let's go vegan today, and blessed, we survived better than we thought we would. Yes, it was tough, initially, the struggle is real, but when you learn more, experience, be patient, you can do anything, including turn your life around.

I have so many things I want to learn and still learning. It's exciting because I can now say I love animals without feeling guilty as I felt before. We went vegan before Ramadhan, and we still stayed vegan during Ramadhan too.

We eat so much less now, our fitness performance is better even during Ramadan, blessed, we can even skate and jog during fasting.

So many things to share. I will share more in IG and IG stories (@sf_artography) and upcoming posts. Here to explore more about Why Vegan/plant-based, Adopting Vegan Lifestyle and How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet :)


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