The Hustler Who Never Gives Up

Honouring my 5 years career with AXA. For me personally, this is one of the huge milestones for me to celebrate in my life.

Right after I graduated from my Bachelor's Degree, I had the opportunity to continue my Master's overseas or Doctorate locally. I also had the blessings to have great callings from many reputable companies and the government. Albeit all these amazing opportunities and I already had my feet stepped in some of these opportunities, I had to step away because of family circumstances. I decided to do freelance, and that was when I started my writing and creating content in the creative world and thankfully, I still continue until today.

After almost 2 years of freelancing, I decided to explore the corporate world and I had the opportunity to work at AXA and started as a management trainee. I had the opportunity to do Project Management for 3 years in the General Insurance business and now running Strategic Plan for 2 years in the Life Insurance business. Thank you to all my leaders, team and colleagues who have supported me well along this journey. Gratefully, I also managed to attain my MBA with my husband by studying part-time and working full time. I am also focused on my writing, content creation, projects and philanthropy.

Altogether, it is an interesting-crazy ride that filled with ups and down in building myself to whom I am today. I've learned and grown so much, thanks to the experiences and people who I have met across my life, good or bad.

My key takeaways are, if you want something hard enough, go get it. It will be tough because nothing good comes easy. You might not get everything you want because things are not straightforward or simple as it may seem. Patience is key. Never give up, follow your passion and dream. You truly know what you want and good at. Work on yourself, the rest will fall in place. Work hard and smart. Be kind and have principles. Collaborate, engage and share with people around you.

There will be many challenges, all sorts of type, if you fall, rise up again. Ignore negativity and haters, surround yourself with positivity and people who truly appreciates you.

Celebrate your hard work. You deserve it. 💙

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